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Coach Ed Orgeron, and then he comes in with that. He sounds like that guy in the overalls from water boy, But you don't understand a word He's saying, Oh, yeah, Look at what I'm looking around. I'm like like we could be punked. Is this what it's like? A. It's like a Louisiana football stereotype walked into the room. Oh, my God, he is. I mean, Deputy D a right now. Well, what he does what he's good at What doors you're on is good at and is this is if you look back everywhere he's been when he does come in. The situation with good players. He can coach him no doubt about it. You don't You don't take that away on gets people motivated. It gets people fired up. But then the problem is when the recruiting doesn't follow behind there And coordinators start to leave that you had with you before it kind of goes south and that it's not to say that he's a bad coach by any means, But but it's just his. His suit has followed him to Ellis. You. You're our recruiting expert. I mean, did they not get five star? Four star? Five star recruits up and down the line? Yes. No, I mean, they did. They did well, but you know you take some coordinators work better with coaches, etcetera. They the same. Same exact thing that happened to us see, because they were still getting the athletes. You know, Of course I'm Steve Starkey. Easy on their own accord laying in the lane Kiffin, etcetera. And then at Orgeron stepped in and then kind of the wheels just fell off. Let me ask you this question. You guys Thean Gery that job. Earl has to actually the injuries. We need to clarify this. I mean, this sounds almost like Teddy Bridgewater. Ask. I said that to my son last night. You're something. Yeah, The problem is What I hope does not happen with with Borough is the fact is that he goes because Teddy has never recovered from the injuries he had in Minnesota. And it just keeps happening and happening and happening, and I love Teddy Bridgewater as much love Lamar Jackson may be. In fact, I think Teddy just gets a bad rap, because because he's constantly being compared to Lamar. But I hope that that does not happen for Joe Burrow because he toward the HCL and the M C. L And there was another injury a involved in that too, that that I forget, but, yeah, He's got three injuries to that name. When you're talking about toll mile. I don't know about total reconstruction. I'm not gonna have pretended to be a will You put that you put the guy out there with no offensive line. I mean, it's like at least drive some offensive lineman and give birth to a solid start. You threw him up there with no offensive line that's gonna happen. Well, that's the that's the Bengal signature. You make huge investments in the backfield. And then, uh, and then they stick locker paper machine in front of them. Yeah, because bro is such an aggressive player and I love his style. I think he's a warrior. I hope you make a full recovery and he gets what he deserves. Reminds me a lot of Matthew Stafford in Detroit. He is an excellent quarterback. Unfortunately, that's he's hit the ceiling as long as he stays with Detroit. Got a point there to 7 40 20 wafer, maybe.

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