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Yes. I think they need to go on a run. And no, I don't think they will. We're about to go out and watch them practice, which would be really interesting because they as everyone knows. I mean that that the back will against Vanderbilt Vanderbilt lost Alabama today by a lot was. Was so I they do need to of course, they're playing LSU that that might be the most intriguing game of this tournament before the final because whoever loses that game is not gonna make the AA tournament, according to Charlie cream and a lot of other people. And so it's it's sort of like a plan game. So it's it's very very interesting. And I think that if Tennessee could re rewind a little bit and go back to the team that beat Texas. Like that team head. That's why. And if they could put whatever else is on their minds aside and just focus on the tournament. Because I believe from one end of the bench to the other. They got the most talent the napkin, they put that together on the floor and be competitive. This week. I remember I saw them early in the season in in the Bahamas in Bibi. And you just see that team. And they are so talented they're athletic. They're big they're fast. But I just never felt like they had a consistent motor. And I'll be honest. I have not watched Tennessee a lot during the SEC season. I saw I've seen glimpses of them. But I just I I remember a Tennessee t- that just had. I mean, even when they weren't the most skilled teams they played harder than you every night. And that in the SEC you have to have if nothing else, right? Like, they I I remember the playing hard and stretches, but just that consistent all out effort and some of it and you'd see the, you know, this some of its chemistry some of it is youth. Right. I mean, this is a fairly young Tennessee team. If you look at it on paper, and then so there's a lot of different. Things that could way into it. But that was just something that I thought about was an easy fix probably along the way. But I'm sure Holly Warlick will say as much more than that. We'll be keeping our eyes on the SEC. I I'm intrigued with Missouri and Kentucky because you know, those are two teams that you wonder how good they really are. Now, Missouri has had some big wins. But had the big consistent. You know, Kentucky's had some good not. So in some not so good moments. I was there when they got knocked off at home by MS obviously without Macy Morris. But when you're depending on like a freshman like Ryan Howard, who's in her first postseason. You know, how is that going to go for the Wildcats? But that was our second quarter with Caroline pack and Pam ward. But we've got more coming in the third quarter. You won't want to miss it. Stick around, and please continue to interact with ceriga night on social media. The email. Our Twitter handle is at around the room pod. In Email us at around the room. Podcasts at gmaiLcom. My poodle handle is atlas China Robinson to Rica is at she knows sports underscore, and we're on Sirius XM channel eighty four. If you wanna check us out there. Please also make sure you go to the PIN app or your apple podcasts at whatever. Wherever you go to get your podcast and search for around the rim, hit the subscribe. But in so that we can keep up with you. And you can get our podcast before everyone else will be back with more after this. Third quarter scouting report. All right. We are back with our very special guest, Carolyn peck, and Pam ward of ESPN, you guys have just not been in the SEC only you've traveled a lot throughout the season and one stop at if a ticket I want to ask you about is Miami. 'cause I know you had been for a couple of games and at the ACC tournament. Yes, it's been all Notre Dame in Louisville since those teams have have entered more Notre Dame the Louisville. But now that Miami has knocked both of those teams out in the regular season..

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