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To 5050 then you could certainly take advantage of one of those allocation options that are given to you in an on one of those accounts and you could reduce that two 5050 but right now you're right around the sixty forty level so the question is whether that's where you want to be or whether you want to be at a different level and you could certainly make the adjustments accordingly are when you feel comfortable app absolutely especially given well it let me ask you how close would you say you are to retirement or your spouse uh she's probably a couple of years off maybe sixty six some act adding and another thing we were looking after uh uh looking at her social security to there's about two to wait till seventy from sixty six to seventy there's about a quilt alphand dollar increase so geico's up about eight percent a year it's one of the one of the best invest which you can make if you have longevity f you have longevity on ride is uh is by holding all phone addict goes up a nice chunk every single year you wait are you out and let she rightly so long she enjoys what she's doing show continue to work with you know sixty six has probably a good figure a look at warren buffett looking warren buffett at worn warns in his eighties in the u you there's no way you could prevent him from going to work no right bright as long as you enjoy what you're doing that's what it's all about right whale odd kind of answer my question so i appreciate it thank you arthur uh by greek to hear from the show me state of missouri one eight hundred nine three four twenty to twenty one that is our contact number let's get scott on the line scott is checking in from valencia california almost got good afternoon bob thank you for taking my call and the regional call you.

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