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We have in depth team coverage. The biggest the Silverado fire in Irvine. More than 90,000. People have been told to evacuate, but Orange County Fire Authority chief Brian Fennessy had news they all wanted to hear. We've been very fortunate not to have lost any structures yet. A lot of that has to do with the great work that our citizens have done within the city of Irvine. The brush clearance is everything we've asked for in terms of defensible space really lead to a lot of success in terms of lack of Structure loss but to Orange County firefighters have been critically burned. Two grand cru firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority got caught up in the flames of the Silverado Fire about 12 15 in the afternoon got 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of their bodies, their intubated being treated at a hospital in Santa Ana 26 31 years of age. The chief of the Orange County Fire, authorities said the wind gusts made it too dangerous for them to fight this fire from the air, so that meant the ground attack was under way tonight. However, the wind gusts are dying down and that means the air attack will be on. We can put aircraft in the air, but I'm also told That we could expect it to increase in the early morning hours. And so we're not out of this yet. Evacuation orders remain in place. Many people got out this morning with little notice medication. A change of clothing, grabbed my mat, not computer because it has a lot of information on the size of the Silverado fire. For now, 7200 acres in Irvine Craig figure can extend 70 News radio live now to your Belinda or the 1300 Acre Blue Ridge fire threatening homes. Katie next in seventies Emily Valdes on the scene. Yeah. Same issue as we had the Silverado fire appear in your Belinda. They also lost air support. No more planes. No more helicopters. It's because of the high winds. There is one structure that's been affected. Not sure yet. If it's damaged or destroyed, they won't know until they go in later on. When this is all calm down, there's a lot of people in the mandatory evacuation orders. Ah, such as hidden hills that just won't leave. Here's Captain Fan win with Orange County fire. I understand that your home is your castle and you want to say there and protected. However, I've seen these flame fronts come in, and they could be up to 100 ft. At times. There's no match for you know that kind of energy that's being produced by the fire. And then you add the wind on top of it, no matter where the firefighters of anyplace that win is just going to make it that much more challenging, And so we're telling people don't mess around when it's time to evacuate, and the winds are very strong there, hoping they calm down overnight, and they can use the helicopters and water dropping. Blaine's once again reporting live in your Belinda Emily Valdez que next. 10 70 news radio when driven fires post some significant challenges. I'm Claudia Pets, Kyoto With more on that part of the story, we can shift easily. Around the fire because fires they're hot, so they create.

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