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Danny i would never give you an investment advice for that sumo coin that you're stacked up on yeah i'm hobbling that one okay our next one is bud which is an awesome word because it even sounds good but it's not a really good word but it's short for fear uncertainty and doubt but is any information that's supposed to create feelings of fear uncertainty doubt at other negative emotions we also say funding or a funster you know the verbs and the nouns of this right and this usually used when people are you know saying negative things about could be about coin to could be about people could be about the market and when they're just uncertain about something all your stuff flooding the market stop putting the coins fighting everything you're such a you're such a funster and jane well the opposite of fud is foam oh in this veer of missing out in this is felt when you can see acquaintance start to increase in value but you don't get it now of course foam can be used in many different aspects of life and usually they're talking about so social media and things like that as well so for example used to at home on a friday afternoon you know all your friends are going to picnic or barbecue on the beach and you start to see the pictures of that any start to regret i should've i should've went i should've win with them you see how much fun they're having foam oh you're missing in foam omo insta foam oh and you have the same kind of motions or feelings with the coins oh should i buy today it was ten cents actually i'm having a little bit of homo myself danny i was thinking of selling my patient tori and picking up some more zillah zilkha was that twelve cents and i was like should i do this and now it's fourteen cents danny foam oh well you know i own so think about that i told you to any i told you so right the finger moment okay but this is to our next word this is a great next slang d y o r and there's no like your we don't say dior would you say do i are and this is what i didn't do i didn't.

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