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But that's the only reason for meet otherwise so he will times what i'm looking into. What ask let me ask you. A question have devolved rig was to be a regular an any premier league team team. Would it be when we go comple- every week team snow on well exactly so what are we going here. We're going down and down and down and that's my point point on a regular basis. You can't rely on him to keep a level. Yes he can produce something but if we're talking about what in the premier league league and then playing twenty three games. I don't think he's glue- any sign that contract. That was never liverpool's intent was it. It was having a squad player who could come on imagine. It's like this which is actually the point i made when it happened and that's the point of me. You said it was a big mistake giving him a new contract. I said i wouldn't have given him a new contract right but when you're talking about not nells then what else with supposed to do so they didn't get the deal could be a new contract and they can't find them. They also bring in its <hes> then you pushed onto your call now right so you give him a new contract. Why is if i say you the shed he's rubbish you should when you said it was a mistake not say listen twenty a four year old a twenty four year old who spent five years at liverpool and he certainly back say for the majority of those five years but yet. You've got twenty four year old. It was quite happy. He's starting to know the four five year deal and setting these box eight again. Probably i have a problem with would say well. I was i came to know. Absolutely absolutely nowhere is coming from. He wants to see wants to call a planet would see is a reggie tamed caught perform. Call it good fortune attended quite well because there was a long period wear whenever you come on the field is f- hadn't taken these box mccook cajole. The ball was fallen over couldn't find the teammate couldn't find the teammate when you come onto the champions league final tally skuld couldn't find a teammate that goal against uh-huh late one and it was flicky descended. Whatever whatever come off a bother then there was the boss alone a whole basle astle nothing which is amazing night for the club and then obviously the champions league final so that the attachment for him honest for liverpool has been like. I think it was almost like a okay. It can do that job against we'll give him a new contract. Let's listen what for him with a one c implant against the bigger boys. No absolutely don't want to enter another coming off the bench really so positive night for a negative alison forced off in the first half off said off the game. You felt like he'd been hit in the back of off. These livable's upcoming schedules pretty much. He's not gonna play against chelsea in the supercup. Yep we saw adrian. Come on how big a blow is. This is not bad. Run is it stevie. Liverpool gone yeah other than the ass no game i it's not bad and <hes> <hes> listen i i absolutely i'd ran vacuum up the united manually show. That's that's a positive step but the the end of the day when you have a goalkeeper alison sometimes you can't be too cocky. We'll see.

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