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Shaking hands and working crap. Okay. Harris often stops spins several minutes talking to younger people young women and girls, especially offering them advice, frankly, the joy of achieving any success is being able to lift other people up and pass that onto them. She says the interactions are often guided by something her mother taught her that part of the responsibility for being the first to do something is making sure you're not the last, I think the measure of one's strength and power is how much you actually strengthen and empower other people. And I will now shamelessly say that this is the contrast between that thought and the guy who's currently in the White House. A contrast Harris hopes to make all of next year, if she emerges from the crowded, primary field as the party's nominee, Scott detro-, NPR news, Cedar Rapids, Iowa to another story now we have the first sentence in the massive college admissions cheating scandal. A former sailing coach at Stanford. Has received two years of supervised release. He will avoid prison time. John van damore admitted taking more than half a million dollars in bribes to help students get into Stanford NPR's tovia Smith was in federal court in Boston for that sentencing. She joins me now until via no prison time. Was that expected? No sentencing guidelines. As a matter of fact, call Colfer between two and three years, but also is in this case agreed that this defendant is somewhat unique. So prosecutors were actually asking for just over one year defense wanted no time at all. And ultimately, the judge agreed with defense attorneys, no jail time, though, six months of house arrest, and the judge explained the sentence by saying she agreed with the defense that John van damore was the least culpable defendant, in the whole scandal, because he never profited from this himself, all the money that came in went to the sailing team also the students who he agreed to make special recruits to the sailing team. Never actually became sailing recruit, so the harm and the crime were considered to be less also this defendant took responsibility for what he did he apologized profusely in court, he was choking up as he said, how sorry he was for the cloud that he brought over his team and Stanford and his family, and he said, he was deeply ashamed. And acknowledged that he deserved to be punished. And I understand John van more came out and spoke to you. Oh, spoke to reporters afterward was at the same more words of contrition. Yeah. He reiterated that he learned his lesson and accepts responsibility. And also that again it was not for himself. This case.

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