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Times a day on w m a l a cumulus station wwl news at six thirty good morning i'm bill thompson we're headed for another record breaking day for summerhill like heat in washington today's record is ninety one the forecast highs ninety two are complete forecast is just ahead and track has suspended all rail service between washington and philadelphia this morning because of an overnight freight train derailment in pennsylvania cleanup could take a while to one of their freight cars spilled a load of stones onto the tracks an early morning highrise apartment fire in alexandria has left at least one person injured the fire involved three floors of the sentinel of landmark on stevenson avenue president trump's new lawyer russ rudy giuliani says mr trump did reimburse his lawyer michael cohen the one hundred thirty thousand dollars paid to stormy daniels is a bombshell this is huge because michael cohen in the past had said the exact opposite he said in a private transaction in twenty sixteen that he used his own personal funds acilitator payment of one hundred thirty thousand to miss stephanie clifford and neither the trump organization nor the trump campaign was a party to the transaction with miss clifford and neither reimbursed me for the payment either directly or indirectly correspondent sara cider the redskins organization isn't commenting on the new york times story in which five former redskins cheerleaders claim they were mistreated by the team the former cheerleaders claimed that the team made them vulnerable for the benefit of sponsors and high spending ticket holders checking your money the dow open today at twenty three nine twenty five the nasdaq at seventy one on one sports sponsored by panera bread.

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