Orange County, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump discussed on CNN's The Daily DC - Where is the next political battle ground?


Depth to that there needs to be more depth to the analysis i think that karen handel victory is good news for those orange county republican so seats the democrats are targeting that have been going republican a for a couple of generations but hillary clinton won them and i think that showed that those republicans weren't uh ready to vote for donald trump but they're still republican uh in its it's true that the performance is different for example just because karen handel one doesn't mean the barbara comstock in northern virginia is in safe who say position hillary clinton won that district handily did better than uh the congresswoman dead and so i think those those seats are still in play but it's going to be don't president trump is he's not a uniform effect on these districts mean it depends on whether we're talking about the suburbs are excerpt a rural districts and i think democrats are in enough of a whole that they have to win a lot of different types of district see that it's not just one type of district and that's really interesting to me because when you had said before you go back and you look at the fundamentals of what history tells us about a president's party in the first midterm and and yet you know history with donald trump has not always proven to be the best guide for all of us it's already have i realize but but you're saying something there that drake me which is that it's not consistent across all these kinds of districts in so.

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