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Okay that's great i think i'm gonna go without omen i would go with ataman because i believe he will who do you think it's drafted i between those two i feel like chris hogan the will be chris ogm but that's atamans draft price is going to be very interesting to watch because he was he had finally gotten the respect where he was drafted where he should be for his fantasy value but i mean he could drop what sixthround get ended up like that steve smith value right from years ago he by the way every single name i just compared is going ahead of julian edelman in current drafts yeah i mean right now there's forgetfulness to it there are people don't even realize he's there when we were going through our mock draft i think we kind of started looking l let's go this direction let's go let's not go julie i believe i got julian element in the ninth round in a best ball league it's nice all right let's go to another player who's been very productive has a new quarterback emmanuel sanders thirty one years old had he still under contract both adamant and sanders through twenty nine thousand nine hundred contract last year it was tough to stay healthy for emmanuel sanders he missed week seven week eight then he also missed weeks sixteen and seventeen he was short of a thousand yards for the first time in four years and this was not your prototypical manual sanders your you had problems at quarterback mixed with injury the latest report i have from february twenty third is that his ankles about ninety five percent says about five percent lower than i'd like to see but is his time is he going to be the same player this year with case keenum or does he have the chance to be i think he does have the chance to be going through this list i'm not rosy outlook on everybody but i think emmanuel sanders there's almost no way unless he's done right if.

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