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All of these questions on their head he gives us the story of nation and a family facing this unification it's the story of a king who foolishly splits his kingdom causing the whole world to come apart at the seams that story takes place in ancient britain roughly eight century bc before any kind of reliable history so perhaps we should begin like this once upon a time there was a king named in three daughters his youngest cordelia was kind impure of heart and her two older sisters were not lear is getting on in years and he wants to retire as king so he decides to divide his kingdom in three giving pieces to each daughter lear will then step down from the throne and spend a third of the year with each child bringing with him retinue of one hundred nights there's only one thing lear's daughters have to do to get a third of the kingdom tell me my daughter's since now we will divest a spoke of rule interest of territory cares of state which of you shall we say doth love us most the two older sisters declare their undying devotion to lear they love him more than words can express more than daughters ever loved fathers more than life itself the each get their third but when it's cornelius turn she gives her father a very different answer nothing my lord nothing nothing nothing will come of nothing speak again unhappy that i am i cannot heave my heart into my mouth i love your majesty according to my bond no more nor less cordelia loves lear according to her duty and part of her duty to him as honesty she refuses to flatter him even when he demands it she even calls her sick out for their obvious insincerity why have my sister's husband's if they say they love you all happily when i shall wed that lord whose had must take my plight shall carry half my love with him half my care and duty sure i shall never marry like my sisters to love my father all lear is enraged by this response he disowns cordelia dividing her lamb between her sisters the king of france already court to ask for her hand mary's her even though she's penniless and they leave we one of lear's most loyal men protests the treatment of cordelia lear banishes him the old king's desire to be told of his own greatness is so extreme that he punishes and humiliates anyone who criticizes him leers behavior worries is remaining daughters particularly since he has that force of a hundred nights lear goes to stay with his eldest daughter ghana real but it turns out it's not always convenient of your elderly father and his personal army staying at your house gone ruled demands that lear dismiss half his nights outraged lear curses her and storms off he next goes to his middle child regan expecting a warmer welcome but once again lear doesn't get the treatment he thinks he deserves ghana role arrives and the to prevail on lear to let go of his private army we're explodes with rage that soon becomes madness and unable to control himself he runs out with his fool into a raging storm gonorrhea and regan forbid anyone from going after lear or providing him help caught in the storm lear rants and raves against the elements commanding them to destroy the world low wins and crack your cheeks rage blow you cataracts in her hurricana spout till you have drenched our steeples drowned the cox you so fluorescent thought executing fires vaunt couriers to oke leaving thunderbolts singe my white head and though shaking thunder smites flat the thick rotundi the world correct nature's molds and german spill at once that making grateful man lear eventually find shelter in the hovel homeless man regan and gone real plot against him cordelia returns to england the head of the french army to save him and lear's friend gloucester tries to help him for that gloucester gets tortured by regan and her husband they poke out his eyes and step on them in front of the audience it's the first of many shocking acts of violence that will come to consume the play a servant tries to stop the torture and he and regan's husband kill each other meanwhile lear is reunited with cordelia and she forgives him but the sweetness of this moment doesn't last the horrors of the play stack up in rapid succession the french army is defeated cordelia and lear or taken prisoner regan and gunnell turn against one another ghana role kills regan.

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