Barry Goldwater discussed on The Larry O'Connor Show


Heels a little bit maybe we can do a better way but instead that hasn't happened has it instead what's happened is number one they pretend that trump invented this climate they pretend as though everything was beautiful and roses and unicorns they pretend as though they didn't create an ad against barry goldwater in nineteen sixty four with a little girl looking at a daisy suggesting that if you voted for goldwater that little girl would be annihilated by hydrogen bomb they pretend as though they didn't amp the rhetoric up that they didn't create the climate against republicans and conservatives that suggested that we were the warmongering nazi anti woman antigay antiislam anti everything kind of white supremacists that they've called us for the last several before my entire adult life my entire life they pretend that trump invented all of that and now they need to respond trump created this hostile horrible climate so now we needs to responding kind that's what's happened and you know what and you know what's going to happen next we're going to turn back around and say oh yeah well how about this and then they'll say well how about that and then it goes and then where are we where does it end so what do you do what do you do for yourself and for your family sometimes because of how it might affect my family.

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