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I was in China in the mid nineties, and one of their talk show hosts, and she said, people are addicted to the internet and look what you're doing to our troops that was out of left field, but the issues with the same. And we said, here's how we do the legitimate balance. And this is where even though I come from a conservative basis in terms of my my attitude toward job creation, etc. This is where I think all parties have to come together and say, we're going to change so requires the citizens. Why did France change? They had a leader at the top actually to Helen started it, but mccrone took it a whole new level, but the citizens were many. The citizens realized that starts going to be the future. If you would go onto poly technique, they're quantum Stanford or MIT and ask them seven or eight years ago, or are you going to go into government? It'd be companies ninety percent of the students would said government big companies. When I lecture there now with the secretary of defense. From France. We talked about startups now the majority of people poly technique or going into store next. And we have to get that energy back as a country. We control our destiny still have fifty percent of venture capital in the world still have the role models and the training, and we can scale quicker anyone else we've got to understand continuing to do the right thing to do. On in China because I just interviewed Kaifu Lee, you know, they're cleaning our clocks AI and other areas for lots of various reasons. For all kinds of reasons. We'll China probably knows we'll as most of your I was part of Wang laboratories said earlier which the Chinese company in America Dr Wang must brilliant. Man I ever met and he was men's roommate person who is president of China's, so I got huge access. I mean it same class group. I got huge access the Chinese leadership and not bet you talk about market transitions and care. I have a lot of weaknesses, but market transitions, right? Listen to customers and I place them up. That's usually in areas that ended up being right because of crowd sourcing data collection. I bet on China in one thousand nine hundred five at a time. Almost no one else did and it sir. We talked about that they were seen as copycats then and not an innovation center on new. There'd be immediately because it Wang laboratories when we put in Wang mini-computers Jonah, everybody would read the books if they had nothing to do with mini computers. I knew there'd be our biggest potential partner or challenge. China's doing so currently in China, I think unfortunately, it's developed into win-lose -ment outing, China during my lifetime has largely been a win win partner. You had negotiate, but a win win in the last ten years. It's really lost that relationship with the US to where it's been lost for the US and a win for China. We have to get back on a win win, and we've gotta find a way that benefits both countries, which I think it does, and I'm optimistic, we'll get there. I think if you're betting online country right now in the emerging world, it's India. It's an instant replay of China. It's democracy as well. You've got an amazing leader and Mody who's taking risks that others would not. Can you imagine it takes us seventeen years to change our tax policy Modine monetize currency in the weekend. A little fascist, but go ahead and move on. No, he basically what I did was changed the currency in terms of taking circulation out. There have been counterfeited after a little bossy mistake box. Good leaders are. Harry, even you and I get it, but I don't wanna go. It'd be fun. The neat thing is I think it's the best thing that's happened to India since Gandhi, and if India can increase their standard of living is there that are problematic, but but which are the country, are you going to bed is gone double their per capita income every ten years for the next two to three decades India. I feel like trying to in a is with data. They're collecting hit a different issue. The issues about technology leadership. You've got to have a national policy and they clearly do, yes, they have a national digitisation policy. They have a IBM very important just like the internet and they make it a national policy to lead here and they remove the roadblocks for that happening, including some roadblocks on the Elektra protection, which is very important to maintain..

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