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In the city at 6 35 time for Lou Dobbs. I'm Lou Dobbs Airlines are scrambling for call center workers. Dress shops are being inundated with junk Those stories next. This is good news. Maybe exactly when you need it to right now, Medicare is waving their new member fees. This could save you money on top of all that you'll save each month by becoming a member of Medicare. So many people are looking for a health care solution right now. Seeing the cost of covert plans, for instance, and Medicare is the affordable alternative to health insurance. A typical family 6 $500 a month you might save even more medicine is a Christian community that shares each other's health care costs. And because of the current economic situation, they're making it easier than ever applied by May 30th, and you can save an additional $170 on your first month. I'll give you the number here in a second. If you call, you could get a price within two minutes. Just tell him the promo code share to receive your additional savings. Maybe now is the time to make the switch. Like more than 400,000. People already have and start saving. Here it is call 877 64 Bible. That's 877 64 Bible. 877 64 Bible. His summer travel bookings are increasing airlines in the United States or scrambling to hire new workers. Mostly at call centers to handle reservations. American Airlines is hiring hundreds of reservation agents to help with the rise in calls United Airlines and Delta aiming too short and wait times currently facing collars as they ask questions about vaccine requirements and mass America's goodwill. Another thrift shops have a big Bramblett. They've been overloaded with donations of broken furniture, outdated appliances, toys with missing tires and other junk His people clean out their claws. It's after the China virus pandemic. The avalanche of unusable donations are increasing the cost of trash disposal for charitable agencies. Please join me three times each week day for my updates from the Salem radio Network. This is the Lou Dobbs Financial Report and.

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