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Boobs to June, June of twenty twenty Carl berry is here we all feel much safer knowing the man in charge of security is at nearby at all times the man who never sleeps. Speaking of people never sleep on this shift sleep is at a premium and to cave ner. We appreciate you being is our WJR news morning. Paul W good morning to you. Steve Courtney, Steven rue good, mar sports director. Good morning. Be careful. Be careful. John Bailey watching the roadways, and by the way, some schools are closed or delayed, and you can go to W dot com. Go to the Paul W Smith page a news page, and I think both have listed school delays and closings service, a family, heating, cooling and electrical family's not just their name. It's the way they do business and our executive producer and Thomas standing by good morning. Good morning. And did you see you had a question or did we handle that in the last segment on it? It was nothing day. Oh, that's right. Nothing day. So it was it was really about nothing nothing. There's so much on the internet about nothing. There's an entire story here about McDonald's. French fry hack. Sparks debate over the best way to eat French fries. The best way to. Whatever way you eat them dipped in catcher talking about doing it while you're driving and how do you dip them in ketchup? Do you pour the catch bottom? You don't have a fork you use your fingers. It's a mess in your car. That's distracted driving. You see that went viral somebody put on the internet, which is all the rage. These days. What is this thing this internet thing? I keep hearing insanity. But the French fry box and McDonalds now it's supposed to have a flap. The flaps always been there. But now they say to folded over put your ketchup on there who thought of that. I don't know. But awesome. You know, the best way to eat fries in the car not. But the best way fries the car is without the ketchup. I think you're wise. Right. Just that. I don't care what flap. They have or anything else. I don't mean to cause a flap here. But that's it's astounding. And I what's worships I printed psycho four page story of that the other one is net. Flicks is raising prices again. And what you need to know. Well, you need to know they're raising their prices, and you either pay it or you don't know that I wonder how many people won't pay it and say forget. Probably very few. I wonder how many people even know they're paying for it because they signed up for a long time ago, and it goes on some credit card or the kids signed up for you. If I had the money back of all the things I signed up for that. I'm still getting billed for for items. I don't have monthly I'm being charged. I'm sure for various services on computers that no longer exists. That's how these companies. Make their money and tried to call and cancel they make it so laborious that you end up saying, you know, what it's worth a dollar ninety nine a month to not sit here for the last forty five minutes trying to get this done. You're right. Thicket time set by several million. It's amazing. Well, anything else going on? We're here at the General Motors Chevrolet exhibit Cobo center. Quick.

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