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The islanders home to the coliseum nassau and suffolk lawmakers are working on it 20yearolds arraigned in the slayings of four young man found buried on the farm and bucks county pennsylvania republican leaders working through the weekend there will be proposed past their latest alternative to a bomb again zack your weather cloudy down with areas of fog early this morning then turning partly sunny and warmer this afternoon with a high of eighty agree this is my prek and tj ribeiro homered and jake rahm dominant on the mound as the mets kick off the second half with a win over colorado geika slide continues as they fall at fenway huge i made forty crowd in france the lungs of ryan britain saying if you don't have anything nice to saying don't say anything at all i guess that doesn't work this is radio cross bronx westbound another nice to say about it it's jambo aye planes road all the way out to the bridge this report sponsored by the knee and back pain help line and this is all because of later on and construction of the george washington bridge outbound upper level two lanes still knocked out under the apartments alice must be gone by eight am it's still there on the cross bronx hammered as well result deegan loaded up to we've got northbound delays back from croome's damn bridge southbound back from ford imro chewed across bronx here's what else do you need to know about the bridges and tunnels your lincoln hollander go into downs uw bridges okay they on bridge close this weekend use the gospels the outer bridge so far so good there took it over the brooklyn inbound bawana cspan be kiwi on the brakes on the prospect over to the brooklyn bridge and in queens still bumper to bumper on the grand central eastbound it mars boulevard threelength knocked out with a crash and now this message learn how and insurance covered comfortable knee or back breeze can reduce your pain call eight hundred eighty eight eight knee eight hundred eighty eight eight.

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