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All right. Princess, Elizabeth and Matthew von squirt felt a headed out to the log cabin of Chelsea from ghost island to take the vote steel with this is very loss like Jacobs. There appendix hurt, but they continued on their quest until the bicycle was in the air. And they knew that Chelsea from ghost island was close to get the votes back from me, you beat me in the survive are sent word challen. Now, I understand why Chelsea didn't talk that much. Silence emory. Jeff standing by. And the Princess Elizabeth and Chelsea from ghost island took their spots after seventy three hours, they are both Jedi as perfume proce explains. Thuddingly Chelsea from ghost island dropped out of the challenge. She yelled. Princess, Elizabeth and Matthew scored place all the way home to deliver the votes steel to Rupert. The bumpy cramps in the end Princess, Elizabeth learns the true, meaning of friendship, Joe raff. They live up over after. Oh above the crap is going to say it's the perfect holiday out of ERI, shiny beer. Oh, I know. I would've liked to see no offensive Matthew von scored failed. I made a pretty fluid ouija board. We do. Yeah. Could you imagine taking place in that San worm challenge for three days? Three hours. They can't they can't figure out how blue. All that. Jeff Probst did say they were both steady as perfume so survivor. Right. And then somehow she dropped out of the challenge. Like an internet trend. They do the side weren't just everyone. Tie your hands behind your back into the sandwich challenge. It's better than the type pod challenge. So I'll take it. My god. That was a brilliant story though. I am surprised that Elizabeth would not be featured in the Princess and the peak instead of sleeping conditions. Bagley. She really should have been, you know, if you think about it like in the first story instead of purple Kelly. It should have been Elizabeth trying to find the right bamboo. But. I know middle is just right, although on half ground bamboo have who is worth took the worst possible worlds. Sorry. I still can't get the bumpy cramps. Rupert above fee Krampe song head so down about matowoc's, get slammed poem about that. Next week. We've confused so many people with a lizard bit the past couple of podcasts on the main JP. So if someone could please produce Rupert the bumpy cramp is in the next few hours that great. All right. That was bang was nothing short of incredible. I'm so happy that we have created poor Corey. I don't think your kid will be sleeping for months. Now. If you the stories to them. We got a copyright this quick. And start writing those books think we've got some coin to make here along with our T shirt ideas on the entire story on T shirt. Right. That'd be perfect will be like the uniform of our sovereign nation. Those the stories visit the the tales that we read the children at night and an our sovereign nation. All right. Well, I wanna move on to question here that I believe was asked by Audrey radicek on Twitter. I believe I'm gonna co opted here. So we found out after the fact that it seems like the David's were in on the entire plan to split the vote. They knew that David had the idol. So it wasn't a big of a shock as we thought initially that nobody knew about the idol, but of the three people who I think were, you know, the put up the biggest acting jobs at this tribal council between Nick Davey and Christian. I wanna power rank their performances, and we'll give them each award. So we'll gave a one of them. The EMMY will give one of them the Golden Globe. And we'll give one of them the people's choice awards, and I think those for themselves in terms of powering I love the Golden Globes. Well, Mike classic millennial move giving. Everybody gets a trophy. You. Get your milk delivered by drone to a war shows get to be so predictable..

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