Trump Administration, ABC, Justice Department discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Again, I'm Corwin Hake with this morning's crash into coma. Planning on flying this summer. I'm Brian Calvert. And the grounding of the max eight will likely impact airfares. I we get an update from ABC news. Good morning. Komo news time, eight o'clock. From ABC news. Sherry preston. The Trump administration now going after ObamaCare and the courts, maybe Karen Travers at the White House. This legal filing by the Justice department, saying it believes the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down. As invalid maybe the best political gift. The Trump administration could give the Democrats as the president continues his victory lap over the Mueller investigation healthcare was the issue for Democrats in last year's midterms and a big reason they swept into the majority. It's also shift for the Justice department, which until now had argued only part of the Affordable Care Act was illegal a federal ban on bump stocks surviving, a request for a stay at the supreme court ABC's. Lana Zak chief Justice. John Roberts has decided that the Trump administration's ban on bump stocks will be allowed to go forward. There are still other legal challenges to the rule, but as of today possession of a bunk stock is a felony subject to up to ten years in prison and a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine about a half a million Americans are believed to own bump stocks. They are now required under law to turn it in or. Destroy it. Also at the supreme court arguments over gerrymandering where political parties redesign the congressional ask for their benefit outside the court Virginia case head of the league of women voters who are must put an end to extreme partisan gerrymandering. So that the American people can trust trust that their vote will always counts several reports. Now say that department of education is launching an investigation into the college admissions scam ABC's Jim Ryan's in Boston. Former Yale women's soccer coach Rudi Meredith is expected to plead guilty to his role in the scheme and to cooperate with investigators. But Michael center wants the tennis coach at the university of Texas intend to assert his innocence at his arraignment on Thursday. He's accused of accepting a one hundred thousand dollar bribe to get a kid into UT, the state of Oklahoma set to announce a settlement today with Purdue pharma, the painkiller maker of Oxycontin. You're listening to ABC news. Stay.

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