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Cbs news update some legislators in alabama are uniting against roy mowers run for the us senate amid sexual misconduct allegations reverend angela wright is an extremist christian his hey ferreira harmful policies and abuses of power are perversions of christianity moore's wife kilo made an appearance in birmingham all of the very same people who are attacking president trump are also attacking cbs news political analyst leonard steinhorn says because these things are high in this race some voters may end up backing more but not revealing their positions until election day is called the social desireability biased in which you tell pollsters what you think they want a here because of what people are saying around you when in fact you might do something different when you go to the voting booth and cast your vote cbs news update i'm gary phnom easy tvs longtrack vyborg harassed estates dry tonight it's just going to get chile's temperatures fall down to around thirty by the time we wake up early sunday but we are going to end weekend up plenty of sunshine mostly sunny skies and temperatures a bit more mild in low 50s and jc tv five meteorologist runaway kansas city's most stimulating talk is on fm one o3 summoned and am seven to release an all day by like being informed we favor remained two branches.

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