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I mean shit I could have died if that had happened to me, I don't know what I don't think I would have had any self regulation when it came to like psychedelics or. Getting high getting blasted. Luckily, luckily, I had. Tinkered around with psychedelics earlier on and had many grasp of things. And and Furthermore, I was like I knew what how intense humbling that stuff is how it's not really party. It's not always a party joke. And it's it's a spiritual thing. So I was plus mingling with work. I didn't want to mess up the mix live at a show and stuff like that. I've noticed a semi Larry aid people who are performing live in this way. And it is that there is a kind of discipline. And also like almost a sense of wanting to broadcast out there guys don't get so fucked up at these shows it's doing because you can really am sure. You've seen it. You've seen people like OD your shows. No doubt, right, potentially. That whole thing is definitely a crazy. Crazy part of of the whole live music scene in general kids partying epidemic right now. Going on the United States with. Downers and just all that stuff. And yeah, basically, the broadcast would be to. Treat psychedelics like be humbled by them and do them in nature with guru with a teacher or something and stay away from it to each his own first and foremost, of course. But also as older brother, maybe stay away from stuff that will harm you. Well, yeah. And also it's like this is like when I was coming up. I think that the attitude with psychedelics was different than it is right now. So when I was coming up and going to raves. It was just what you did. What you did was you went to a party, and you found some kind of MD may or some kind of LSD, and you would just take it. There is no responsible attitude. There was no also this idea of these are sacred medicines that are to be done in nature with it was there kind of but mostly at least in the like group that I was in that really just didn't even exist. It was more of like wild. Diving into. What? Now when I look back..

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