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That I can't resist. I didn't kill my wife. I don't care. I heard a little bit of it there, and you're out. I don't care. We also heard from Andrea weaver. How could it be anything but the fugitive? Nothing beats Harrison Ford trying to outwit Tommy Lee Jones. I saw this movie for the first time when I was very young and never forgot it. I admit that my choice may be influenced by my childhood fear of a one armed man mixed with the nostalgia of my first grown-up movie, but I'm more inclined to believe that it's the exceptional storyline and acting. Either way, doctor Kimball is the best movie doctor doing not so doctor Y things and I challenge anyone, including the U.S. Marshals to disagree. Oh, you don't want that fight. Edwin are not as much as I enjoy the Frankenstein options and the fugitive. Only one of these options is directed by Stanley Kubrick. Concise. I like it. Always a good factor to consider. We heard from Dylan DOM as well. I will come in support of doctor zhivago while it's long and meandering, and I can't remember most of what happens. I wish we still got big movies like this that seem to take a whole week to finish. This was David Lean at the height of his powers, and while this film may have been a bit too excessive, when it hit, it hit hard, including one of the most heartbreaking movie endings ever. And who hasn't had Lara's theme stuck in their head a couple dozen times. Here's Beverly Lieberman, last couple comments here. I decided to go with my heart and my childhood love for swashbucklers. I voted for captain blood because I've always had a space for Errol Flynn. He's a perfect romantic lead, handsome, charming, willing and able to deal with the circumstances and his scenes with Olivia De Havilland are to swoon for. Captain blood really good. Our last comment comes from Brian Friesen. Doctor Hannibal lecter in Silence of the Lambs is another option that came to mind. Although he does perform surgery on a policeman's face at one point in the let's not talk about it. How about we just, we just move on, thanks, Brian. Let's move on to our new deeply flawed film spotting poll. I don't know. Is this one possible for this one to be flawed? I'm sure if anybody could find a way, it's our producer, Sam, and it's on our listeners to point out those flaws. We're looking ahead to our summer movie preview that could come next week, or it might be the following week. We still got some details here to work out with the schedule behind the scenes on film spotting. But while we're working those out, we've got a straightforward film spotting pull. There's only two options. What is your most anticipated film of the summer movie season? Josh, the choices are. Yep, it's nope. Or nope, it's something else. So did everybody listening follow that? I can't see this causing any problems whatsoever. No, any confusion, this will be very easy, simple. We'll have no complaints. Yeah, it's either Jordan Peele's nope. Or nope, it's something else. And if you're not voting for nope, we want to know what is your most anticipated film of the summer, you can write it in the comments. We may feature it here on the show in the coming weeks. I mean, we've got new films from cronenberg, Claire Denis, Terrence Davies. I don't really care about Jurassic World, but how about Top Gun: Maverick? How about it? That's the reason Josh that I can't, I can't vote for no, I'm going off something else. It's maverick. Good luck with that. We also have baz luhrmann's Elvis movie and pass. I don't know how, yeah, I know. You're giving up. Never been a fan, probably. I don't know how this ended up on the list, but apparently there's an Adam Sandler basketball movie called hustle that has went, I mean, talk about whiplash for the Sandler experience. It went from being the potential penalty for the loser in our in-house film spotting prediction poll for film spotty madness to suddenly being an option for a most anticipated movie of the summer. Adventure. I know. And yet it does seem like it might be good enough. It's not going to be the punishment for Mike merrigan this year. Our film swatting madness loser. Who knows? Maybe even he'll get a review on the show. When was the last Sandler movie that got a review on the show other than Uncut Gems? Yeah, that's gotta be it, right? You can vote in that poll now and leave a comment at film spotting dot. Net. So, you want to join the Internet still has all my horror game. We can't be able to responsible for what you become. All you have to do to get started is cave to change. I don't know what to expect. I want to go to the world's fair. I want to go to the world's fair. I want to go to the world's fair. Okay, Josh, busy guy last week, fitting in all the movies. You not only saw the new Doctor Strange. You also caught up with a movie. You want to nominate for the golden brick award. It's called we're all going to the world's fair. The feature debut of filmmaker Jane schonbrunn and it debuted at last year's Sundance currently available to rent on most platforms. In your letter box review, you described it as the nightmare version of Bo Burnham's 8th grade. That movie scared me enough. So I don't know what to make of we're all going to the world's fair. Give us some thoughts. Why is it a golden brick potential contender? Yeah, I mean, that doesn't mean to imply 8th grade was sunny. I think it leaned sunny, though, and this leans disparity. You could almost maybe qualify it as a horror movie, actually. And the similarity to 8th grade is that it basically follows a teenager named Casey played by Anna Cobb, who is very, very good. She's seems very lonely as far as we know, no friends in her life. Her father, who she seems to be, the only person she lives with is an offscreen sort of threatening presence. She is online all the time. So there's a similarity, right? With 8th grade. And at the beginning of the movie, this really engrossing fix shot from the vantage point of her webcam, she joins this online horror game. And the game supposedly instigates these strains transformations in its players, Casey goes on to document this or it's never quite clear, maybe invents what's happening to her in videos that then she makes and uploads on the Internet. So it goes in a little different direction from 8th grade from there and I think for me, it's going to depending on where you are generationally and your relationship with the Internet, it's going to hit you differently. For me, as someone who did not grow up with this sort of stuff, it was this eye opening, but incisive from what I can remember from being that age, really deep dive into adolescent alienation. And then considers how that may be accentuated by the Internet, but this isn't like an Internet fear factor thing, you know? It's almost like people who have a deep need for community and connection now have this tool for seeking it, that can in some ways be good, but in other ways be really destructive and harmful. So that's why it's sort of the horror vision, the nightmare version I should say. But in terms of being a golden brick contender, it's a lot about the filmmaking. And Sean bruns, just their approach to capturing another generational thing is that teenagers are sort of online teenagers. I should say, they're necessarily filmmakers, right? They have to be, they have to be aware of adjusting lighting in their bedrooms, which KC does. And she has these day glow decals that add this psychedelic effect. She puts her laptop at one point on a swivel chair to achieve just the right angle for recording herself while she sleeps. These are all filmmaking choices that she is making as a character, but are also reflected in what shown run is making as a filmmaker. So that sort of stuff fascinated me, I'm very eager to now that I've kind of watched it and had my take. I know it's been out for a little while in theaters and is now on digital, but to follow up with other people and get their impressions on where this goes because there is a lot of ambiguity towards the end of the movie, I'll just say without spoiling anything that Casey does get connected with this mysterious figure named J L B, who that's all I'm going to say..

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