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Experience the game on your own a co-op online with one friend. Where you both play as different characters at the same time. It's actually pretty neat or on the same console with up to five people where at the start of the game or each where you change characters you assign the characters to whoever is playing. The story starts starts off post world war. Two with two soldiers. Charlie and joe on shore leave. After a couple of days spent locked away for drunk and disorderly behaviour. They find themselves surrounded by the bodies of their shipmates. After following sounds of gunshots spooky kids running around. There comes a point. Oh my goodness there comes a point that no matter what you do lose their lives afterwards. We are introduced to the curator. Who explains a little about the game and tips for playing and the story moves to present day. Where remade alex brad julia louis. And conrad who is voiced by. And they did the face modeling. Four shawn ashmore. It's bobby from x. men. I mean he's another so too but that's that's that's who he is to me And it's actually you know. He does a pretty good job. I gotta say that works out. Pretty well These guys are divers out looking for a potential undiscovered plane wreck within this records to our go. Ship are found and after a tense moment with some grumpy fishermen to the protagonists are take this ship. Itself your is where the horror really kicks in and depending on your split-second reactions with button presses existing relationship status between characters and how you decide to handle things. Each playthrough experience assured of different one during the game. There are eight major points. And whatever you decide to do during each of these is logged into what's called the life bearings panel and your menu screen while you can't even see the back of the and that is so that aren't your actual menu. I don't understand what happened here. But it's all good. These major points along with the minor ones are controlled by your moral compass in in game. Dialogue wheel used to respond once. You pick what to say it saves automatically and you can't change it so choose wisely and somewhat quickly as there is a timer you can always say nothing but that's not necessarily wise throughout ame you find pictures on the walls with three different frame colors white black and gold once collected. They show you a possible future depending on what type of color the frame is and you can try to avoid or get these outcomes. White shows potential future cat. Catas- tack catastrophe based off of a bad decision by the player. Black shoes a potential death of a character and each installment of the involved has one gold frame. That's going show something about the coming. Addition to the anthology relationships between characters can affect what they do in game dialogue choice. You made that caused dislike between people may cause an entirely different moment to occur later on also their achievements slash trophies for maxing out relationships between different characters. So there is that to the top bar actually. Can you go back to that. Josh took over to help me out here as i'm struggling but If you notice. I it's kind of hard to see but there's a top or bottom bar the bottom bars you're like pre existing relationship and then as you build the like top of the choices that you made like go up or down and and if you max them out there are achievements okay ultimately you can either get everyone killed. No one killed and everywhere in between this is a game that encourages you to retry several times allowing you to select different scenes after playing once and change some things. The game has several jump scares but overall isn't the worst. I've played by long shot. I was really nervous going into this and it really wasn't as bad as i was expecting it to be high jump several times. I mean i did. But i wasn't like i like chess starts to hurt when i play scary games. Like when i get really scared. They have to walk away and take a breather. But that didn't happen it was like like the little jumps also let of my chair jumps like. That's the kind of jumps i had. I'm so glad you got that. Got that experience out of this. According to several different sites it only takes about four to six hours for most new players to be. That's what i experienced punisher. I don't know if that's how about how long it took you for two six. I wanna say it actually probably took me. I wanna say was between maybe around four like it ended fairly quickly. But i really kinda kept after it. So it's a short story really is they want you to to play it several times But for those interesting completion wants you. Add all the decision making picture collecting endings. You can go through. It can double or triple that time. Easily the second instalment. Little hope came out last year with the third house of ashes. Set to release sometime this year. Nice specifically left out anything too detailed about the story after a certain point because it is entire it is definitely worth going through and finding out what's going on to get the good ending and final the collectibles. I'd recommend looking into some walk-throughs to say some unnecessary playthrough. Because there's some setups that you actually have to set up unless you just want to go through it as many times as you want to go through it. A couple of good sites for walk throughs are true treatments dot com and the dark pictures dot fandom dot com right..

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