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Are two buddies came back with to our site and they're like wearing shit it was my car that was a gun where'd you get those we saw something guy we even problem when did you it was when we came back with us chicks what did they brought a bunch of chicks bag and drank all the beer the hundreds of years they brought back like a large group of girls try to get labor rally come on back to our son's a beard and it was so far away that there would probably like we walked for fucking forty minutes to get here and your offering us bud light and you're stupid phases drank all the beer and left i'm sure but like it worked out good that we were robbed because that's not that kind of ruins the experience yeah safe here with camping because i've never really done camping at a festival i know i want to i'm going to joe those okay the second and third we april we usually go third week it lands on four twenty a bunch of times really yeah sells out super fast right the way that we do it is in about a month from now or maybe even sooner they're going to announce ticket sales for the presale for gela and that's the best way to do it so you just going you can do a payment plan with prevail and for a lot of people i mean chil expensive how much for a ticket and camping is i think four thirty nine.

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