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To make four million dollars a year being phil knight in 1984 all these youngsters now can do that you're youngster what's interesting is like our mutual friend adam broad there was no kids building huge nonprofit right or silly him when he wanted to go on and do build a business there was like this weird are dynamic of like wait you're not allowed your nonprofit of course he's allowed but he's a first generation were kids started nonprofits from the get and then go private same for you you're part of the generation that can make a great living just being the person now your question is do you want to build a business that is scalable outside of yourself or do you want to quadruple down and truth this both work that just up to you you're cool voluntary questions this is called the three truths and i i don't remember fi asi last time but if you did maybe it'll be different now if this was the last day for you many years from now you've done everything you've won you achieve yes created all you set cetera spain but whatever reason all your books and shoes and businesses have raced yes and so there's nothing left the as loud remember view yes but you got a piece of paper and a panned right down three lessons were theory truths that that's all they would have that she would share with the world yet none of those three things b fifty one forty nine i would draw that first and then i would like and parentheses explain it would say give more than you take and we talked a lot about that last fifteen minutes each works and the reason fifty one forty nine works is it painted a picture for everybody right now who's been listening for last twenty minutes like that's interesting sight of like why gary lewis or winning that's the right number to me and i've debated like should be fifty point one to forty nine point but then you can still be selfish in your the power of your selflessness so fifty one forty nine.

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