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Ready It's i think we're risk kind of creates this full on rocker persona elevage elvis Stylings going on with his goals It's full of innuendo and sorta double ondra Again just thinking bike to sort of a concert memory. I was dying in dublin. Misses the third concert. That i had been out of the that. I've seen brisk with my wife. And i remember recalling that there was this young couple that as soon as the opening notes of cadillac She hoped don't tell them on top of his bike on a were just in blessed That that i think has just cemented as my guilty pleasure. I love it. I think that is a great choice. And you know there is a lot of difficulty questions. All of them and I think in a lotta ways. Guilty pleasure is one of the weirdest ones because you know you you love them all you know and and i think it is. That can be difficult to choose what is wrong. And what is a guilty pleasure I've often heard many people say they don't believe in guilty. Pleasure said if you enjoy you enjoy it but great choice. I love it all right. This is kind of a follow up But song you wish you had seen live. There are a number from western stars letter to yogi and mention those before I definitely remember saying about how much i've enjoyed rian maker. And if i were raced but the song that i have to see like even i have to shown before you know anything happens to the on or a he wraps up or whatever. I have to see reacing in st l. k. Yeah why why is that. I think it's because ev reminds me of my best friend. V is a a guy cold and we have known each other from high school We are still best friends to the state and one of those things whenever we were In the upper end of our our high school that kind of cemented that was was car culture. We we loved cars on. We love to go in taken. Our our cars going crazy. Dying the promenade here Nearby and and shares.

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