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Four years whatever you mention Cuomo I see the late Mario Cuomo in my head so I had someone call and and they they they corrected me on my Cuomo family tree which is easy to get it's almost as confusing sometimes is the Kennedy family tree and who's where who's in government who isn't didn't sell Mario Cuomo his sons Andrew and Chris and I was talking about Andrew Cuomo who is coming off as of late more eloquent then I would then I would believe and so I would use him as an example with his level of calmness and I also think I also think president trump has been extremely focused and calm with this I think the biggest disservice to the president but more importantly to the people of the United States is when and I don't know if you saw the exchange but you can also set the stage it's real easy to remember the president was talking and he gave about four to five minutes of information on some alternate treatments or vaccines in a variety of other things related to and currently treating malaria and sars and he's being very positive and on more than one occasion he said you know I I really don't know but I'm going to stay positive I you know I feel good about it and doctor found she came up and said well you know we haven't done this test yet but we are going to it's sector so he's very positive very positive so after that explanation somebody from N. B. C. Mr president are or don't you think you're scaring people something along those lines I'm I'm paraphrasing and I predicted last week I predicted on my show I said they're gonna edit that up over the weekend and you're gonna see headlines where you know trump doing blah blah can answer simple questions the usual stuff they're gonna take five minutes of dialogue of of a of a leader whose assemble the team and he was making every effort to honestly answer questions and they're going to cut it up so it sounds like this guy rolled in and ask one simple question and trump couldn't answer which is totally incorrect but the thing that I want to point out to you the next time you see if you have a chance looking over the shoulder of some of these media people that are at a press conference in the in the press room at the White House see if they already have notes verses are they taking notes something that I was watching in the last not this past one but the one before the big coronavirus press conference where I sometimes the president he's he's looked kind of tired you know but I think he's he's maintained his focus I can't imagine the you know the balls he's got in the air right now with this crisis but I was watching the last one and I said to my wife I said look at these people are journalists there not even taking notes they showed up with a list of things the new information is being off loaded to the American people you've got all this information all these experts every now and then in intelligent question even comes out of the press pool and there's this reporter in particular but there's others they're not taking notes they have a list of things they want to I don't know if there gotcha questions or whatever but that's something I found very interesting so I think the press blew its chance they blew the chance to step up and really report what we need to not what we need to hear necessarily nobody saying that whenever you at when when you mention this whole concept of can you focus on all the good things that are happening people immediately think at the press get self righteous so you just want me to kind of go the news well why not you candy coated a bomb in his M. for eight years you candy coat anybody alike thank you not even investigating major things that are happening in the world outside of corona virus because this is too this is just too good of an opportunity to say look look at trump look at what he's doing see that I want to go back to the National Guard thing because this has a lot of people concerned and I've seen it online so we have over five thousand throughout the nation and when you break that down of the thirty two states in various counties and what have you but actually National Guard members work and live in every community across the nation you are one possibly you know one you have one in your family they've been overseas they've been back here they have a proven track record of success supporting civilian authorities after we have homeland emergencies this is after Katrina after floods except for now the hills reporting that when asked if the White House could federalize the guard this is when trump he said and I quote he said at this point it would not make sense so what do you what do you think I think the guard is best in a state capacity with the law the commander of the National Guard being the governors and the reason I think that is if you look at the current corona virus map which shall rang up in the next break or two and I'll give you a link to it you'll see that some states are faring very well not all states are in the position that New York is in or other areas of the country there are states with limited cases zero death and things are on track with the plant in California governor new some.

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