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Now from the WFAN sports desk. Here's Jacob Wilkins and a good afternoon to you, David as we begin this Sunday with college hoops where just underway are Saint John's and Georgetown of from the garden now the red storm have lost three of their last foreign looking to get back on track and in the early going. It is the red storm trailing twelve eleven just about four minutes gone by a week from today. I should say after that game. And we'll be Seton Hall facing. Eighteenth ranked Villanova who is undefeated and big east play a week from today. It'll be the Rams and patriots playing at Subaru Fifty-three today Pro Bowl Orlando and for the jets safety Jamal Adams kicker Jason Myers returner, Andre Roberts, take part for the giants running back saquon Barkley kicker Rodrick, gross hus- out Michael Thomas said defensive and Olivier Vernon on the squad. We'll have it for you on the fan starting at two thirty. The Knicks have dropped eight in a row. Dare at home against the heat tonight. Lebron James will MRs sixteen th straight game today is the Lakers host the is due to a groin injury. He did return to drills and practice yesterday. Nets. You have been red hot winning twenty of their last twenty-five back on the court tomorrow facing the Celtics in Boston this morning. Novak Djokovic winning a record seven Australian Open title taking care of wrapping on the dollar in straight-sets brings his grand slam total to fifteen overall and asked what it would be like to get to Roger Federer's record of twenty. Maintaining the older. Oh, wellbeing that I have mental physical emotional. So I would be able to compete with such a high level for for the years to come and have a show. Eventually, you know, getting closer to Raja's record. And it's also Jovovich his third straight grand slam title dating back to last year sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock..

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