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Using age life on your old. Like Oh my God I just hit you right. Like he didn't realize now they like corroded. Italian your old. Sometimes if it's not bad enough every muller she's like I have not been reminded this many times of my age in my entire life you're mob. Yeah because the how old is she? Well she is. She's now sixty four. No it's yeah you know. Yeah hit that age. It's like whoa totally. That's all it's focused on. Is that age age right grant or we are at risk. Where at risk like are you on the mend though yes and I will say another thing. Anyone listening who again. If you think you're on the man you are but don't get cocky because it is a it is literally like a roller coaster and it is a beast. I call it a beast because it's a beast and just when you think you're doing fine like right now people like she doesn't have Toronto lipitor right I do and at night. It comes in like a roller coaster in the morning roller coaster. As long as I'm drinking my pedialyte pedialyte not urine. Sorry for those not watching. I have my Red Selo up as long as you're staying hydrated it's really really keying so warm fluids for for getting it out of your system. hot water lemon Throat Kotei any kind of herbal teas. I two healers energy healers one is here one is in Chicago. They're both sending me their Their herbal mixes and their holistic supplements zinc vitamin C. Vitamin D and. I do a lot of energy healing. And they've been really helping me from afar and doing healings listening to Meditations meditating prayer prayer has really helped me and breathing exercises Dr Mucci from Queens Hospital. It you take six deep rats on each at the end of each breath you hold for five seconds you let it out you going breathe. Let it out read. Hold let it out read. Hold let it out. And the sixth breath you cough really loud and cover obviously. Hopefully you're alone and then you lie on your chest for ten minutes and it really opens up your lungs. It's been very helpful. Interesting isn't yeah. Yeah Yeah it's good to be educated right. I know there's a lot of here around and we when we come on here to do our weekly Intros were like like. What is there to talk about right now other than what's happening because we're not going anywhere we're not doing anything or not right. Our baking breads and banana breads. But like we're getting that my access to the kitchen was cut off 'cause I I'm in this yoga room and so my husband must think he knows I don't eat like a bird. He knows how I eat like a burden. He is bringing made beautiful things. My daughter Barrett's cooking and my husband is bringing me. They drop off and we have whole system drops off on the tray. I don't touch the TRAE. He's in gloves. I take my plate but I'm like could you up portion a little bit because I am hungry now. I needed to lose weight Okay so I just I wanNA bring it back to the book and what you just said. Also I was in first of all my book. Tour launched it in January on the Today. Show coming out with a bang and then a month. Later boom stopped. Everything cancelled obviously like everyone else's life so no violence remained. But it's been hard and so we're trying to figure out what to do the thing about fear and I write about this in the book is when you are in your purpose. Fear has no access. I'm not scared to speak in public because I love doing it. I'm terrified to fly so when I'm on a plane I write It helps me. It's in my purpose. I've actually been hired to speak on a plane wasn't even scared. So think about it when you are in your purpose. Fear has no access so today in this moment I'm asking everybody to be in their purpose. What is it that serves your soul that you know when you get up in the morning your feet hit the ground? What you're here to do for me. It's to connect people to each other and to themselves and so when I'm doing that I have no fear so whatever your talent is whether it's a friend of mine just took in five horses because a stable where she goes. The owner couldn't afford to be the horses. 'cause she has no income right now so my friend took in the five horses and her purpose is to be with horses. So there you go. She's not scared anymore Whatever your purpose is. Make sure you're doing it because it will reduce the fear and we all need reduction fear right now for those of you. Who Don't know what your purpose is What do people compliment you on the behind? Every complement is a talent waiting to be revealed. And so if you have talent at something it's usually tied to your purpose so if you're really good at something whether it's like. I said riding a horse or connecting an audience. That's where you're gonNA find your purpose so I would say the first thing is to figure out what you're really good at and figure out how you can put that more onto your life if you can make it a career like I did even better because it is a luxury to do what you love and get paid for it. I get that if you can't make it a career make sure you're folding an into your life in some way so finding your purpose is truly by examining nor talents It's just a it's like what lights you up. What makes you feel like it's not hard? What is it when you're doing it? You are so free of any fear or any worry that you're happy that's your purpose. Wow I love still. I still feel like I have. I'm thirty held on my thirty three and I still feel like I haven't found my purpose and like it's just crazy. How Matt what's your talent. What's my talent. I think I think making people laugh entertaining people being around people and even just seeing on instagram and entertaining an audience. I think is consumer audience is made. Did you ever think your audience was waiting? It is waiting. Everyone's audience is waiting. And Look at you. You are in your purpose right now. You're in your bed looking cute talking to your girlfriend talking to me you're entertaining mate and you're entertaining all of your listeners. You're in your purpose. You're good yeah. We got you covered. I definitely feel that for sure. It's just it's just a component like you said exactly making it a career and monitoring I think is is where I'm stuck because I feel like I've went to school. I have two master's degrees. I have all this education. I said all this money investing and and those two pieces of paper. And what are they read? I have an MBA. And I have a master's in communications. Yeah okay there you go. You're making a business out of communicating with people. So you know. You're so young in your thirties. And you're already doing what you've studied. And so you have such a long career ahead of you. This is a blip on your radar. I know it's really important to you right now. And it's beautiful platform that you both have but it. A blip is the beginning of what will be next and like when we were on the Oprah show and we were just trying to come up with show ideas we had no idea the impact that it would make and you are right now in that moment. You don't know that I'm here to tell you because I have age on you so I can tell you that you don't know you have no idea what's ahead of you but you so are in the flow already because you're doing exactly what you had planned to do. And it doesn't mean that your plan has to stay on track. It can change a million ways but it will always take you back to the business of communicating with people. Whatever that looks like it could be a book it could be a a live show like Rachel Hollis. It could be anything it could be this. Whatever it is you're you're doing it. It's momentum so my next question is for people who feel stuck in that okay. You know. There's so many Rachel Hollis's of the world. What do I have to offer? How can I come out and and do exactly what other people are doing to made a great path? I have a great answer for you. You are you so you do you. Obviously we all know that saying it doesn't matter the size of your audience. It matters your audience showed up to hear from you so I would say to anyone. Don't count your audience. Don't count your likes. Don't count your followers stain your purpose. Whatever your messages. Whatever your platform is everything else will come and if you are Never Rachel Hollis. You are Never Rachel Hollis and that's okay listen I I watched Rachel Hollis perform. I think she's fucking hilarious and she's got a great message. I could do the exact same thing. She's doing one hundred percent of done. It on the Oprah. Show I did it. I've entertained over half a million people I've.

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