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This is our americans stories and you're listening to score from bullet terrific move restoring steve mcqueen one of the great torture aces in history and let's return to his life story and greg hangers work jack harris was about to shoot a horror film that was to become a cold classic steve mcqueen and the cast of exciting young people here's movie critic banned make a wits now of course the blog with its sequels at its coal status became a rather significant delmore historically but of course one of the reasons why it's a significant village starkly is because it stars steven mccoy without mcqueen i'm not sure the blog takes on that stature there was a silver lining in the form of producer to powell actually requested a screener the film and you know he was impressed with mcqueen's performance and that led to one of their alive on september six 1958 the cool began stein as the bounty hunter josh randall beshir here again is healy elkins josh rattled was reactor that with steve greatest talent i mean it was body language it was for face it was raised eyebrows a look across a camera and the camera lobski we started his experimenting with a camera to see what worked and didn't work and he was very it was a studios about that and this man with no of literary artistic background had this incredible animal instinct about himself and about what work room so he growth of directors producers nuts the grown crazy scripted in working through it out the result was a killer series wanted dead or alive lasted three years and director john sturges who was filming his 1950 nine film never so few starring frank sinatra had taken notice of steve mcqueen sturgess thought mcqueen's natural cockiness would be perfect for the part here's healing and he was now in the movie business may opportunity for a pitcher cold magnificent seven came a residences leghari window gartner the real star that film supposedly was brenner but steam came off as the real star gun got you everything you have isn't it yeah sure everyday after while you can go bartender in little by the first name maybe two hundred of.

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