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A ride and uses has such power to take people. You know on that. That journey, you create a world, you bring them into the world you take takes through the world. You. Deposit them in a place. That is hopefully better brighter more loving and more optimistic. but the most important you want to do is the story that you're using allies and. Some. Yeah. It's a major skill to it. You know. Something like Howard. I say he kicked. The kept the child at him alive into his adulthood and yet. The brilliance of how he Learn to use. musical influences. To deepen historian, tell a story and then. The visceral power of his lyrics. There you forget that their lyrics. The just. A gestalt whether it's a humorous gestalt or angry because dealt or a loving styled it just. Very natural and it your weds itself to the music and creates A. Sort of an inexorable experience at its best. It seems to me and I want your point of view on us, of course, that he. Was So. Definite. In his in his opinions he didn't see them opinions. He saw them as. The way to go. To do. Well Yes and Yes. He did see them as a way to go, but he also be the first one to look at it and go. No that's wrong. And change it. But, yes he. Howard did not sit back and let other people tell him what needs to happen, but he's very open to. The influences I'll be in the room you know. but we working a little shop and we couldn't figure out the end of act. One. because of the movie seemed more throws a bottle and it's a bum. Just. Because Oh, Gal feed him to the plant. Well, that's not to necessarily work on you know a real musical. And we create already created the character of Oran. And I just went you know my dad, my dad was president at the time President of the New York chapter of the American Jesus. Society decided dentists that promote the use of nitrous oxide is safe home. But. You know. How about would be funny if in fact, the dentist. Want to give himself to nitrous oxide rather than Seymour. So he could really enjoy you know inflicting the pain and how we thought that.

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