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The Heisman Trophy will be handed out on Saturday evening Cuyler, Laurie of Oklahoma to a tongue of a lower of Alabama in Dwayne Hassans house. They'd all your finalists. It's really a two team race between two and Cuyler Murray. And Kyle Murray actually the odds on favourite now, according to the sports books fan duel and draft kings. But that's just because money's coming in on him. I actually think too was going to win the award. And I don't think the debate is that close here's why. And I get a lot of people are going to talk about the performance by two against Georgia, which wasn't great. And he was hurt. He's actually been dealing with injuries. A lot this season. Whereas Cuyler Murray had another game against Texas where he performed very well. All this season. If you look at total QBR calamari posted a ninety six point zero to ninety four point two. Passing yards per game. Kyler three twelve to a two fifty eight passing touchdowns collar, forty two thirty seven total touchdowns collar fifty one to a forty to completion percentage. Cuyler seventy one to sixty eight twenty yard completions Cuyler, sixty eight to sixty. Yards per attempt. Cuyler eleven point nine to eleven point four. Touchdown percentage. Cuyler eleven point eight to twelve point six. And I am to touchdown percentage. Cuyler sixty nine to seventy three both these quarterbacks. Well, above the average when it comes to college football quarterbacks. But the thing that makes me lean towards tour above Cuyler Murray to it was the best player on the best team in the country that won every game with the exception of the Georgia game by at least twenty two points. He wasn't asked to do the things that Keiler Murray was when he was playing in fifty six fifty four games. Two faced six opponents ranked in the top fifty in total defense LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia Auburn, Tennessee, Texas AM. Calamari only effaced three army TCU in Iowa State. To put up the numbers that he did this year. Thirty seven touchdown passes. Compared to Kyla forty. Thirty seven touchdown passes for two. He only dropped back to pass in the fourth quarter of games. A total of eight times the entire season. Could you imagine the numbers that tool would have put up? If he were playing in close games in the fourth quarter and forget about just playing in close games. But playing in games where it was a shootout between both teams. The last four games of the regular season. For oklahoma. A fifty one forty six win over Texas Tech, forty eight forty seven over Oklahoma state fifty five forty over Kansas fifty nine fifty six over West Virginia. If tool was playing in those games he might have thrown sixty touchdowns this year. Eight times he dropped back to pass in the fourth quarter of a game this year. Thirteen total.

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