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The Bloomberg business App Bloomberg Quick Tape, please is Bloomberg 11 3? Oh now Global news update. U. S. Capitol. Police are recommending disciplinary action for several officers for their actions during the January 6th capital riots, according to the agency. Internal investigations revealed six violations three for conduct unbecoming an officer. One for failure to comply with directives, one for improper remarks and one for improper dissemination of information. A newly released FBI memos suggests some Saudi involvement with the 9 11 hijackers. Divided administration declassified an FBI memo which shows links between a suspected Saudi intelligence operative and to Al Qaeda members who took part in the 9 11 hijackings. The Department of Education is looking into Florida's ban on school mask mandates. The probe is to determine whether the ban violates the civil rights of high risk students. That's the latest I'm Cameron Fairchild, you're listening to Bloomberg Business of Sports from Bloomberg Radio. Thank you so much for joining us. We're here each and every week for you at the same time talking to the biggest names in sports. I'm Scarlett, who along with Mike Lynch and Michael Bar. Let's continue our conversation with us to National Tennis Center CEO Danny's ouster, Michael I don't mean to get up all in your business here, Danny, But you're the guy when they want renovations and improvements. You're the money guy. So what do we looking at for the off season for any improvements. And and cost wise. I mean, obviously, if you're the man that watches all the pennies and dollars can you take us through that process? Well, you know, let's not lose sight of the fact that our organization gave us approval over the last 5 to 7 years of spent about $650 million to redo our entire site, which included a roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium, a brand new Louis Armstrong Stadium in a grand town. Basically we reinvented the entire grounds. So we are not an organization that ever rest on its laurels. So no matter how high the Wow factor is the fans we look at any opportunity to improve it for the following year. 2018 is the first year that the site was completely rebuilt, and we got the benefit of that for 18 and 1919 produced record breaking in every category broadcast sponsorship ticket sales. Obviously 2020 no fans, 2021. They're coming back, but not at that 100% that we saw in 19. So when we look forward, we know that there's really not going to be building in the short term. Of this year. Who's our chief Revenue officer has done an incredible job with our sponsors and partners and bringing in new partners that can complement everything we got on site, So there's a tremendous amount of upside. The growth of recreational tennis in the U. S right now is exploding. And it's an opportunity for us to introduce new people to the sport and to the U. S open, and we also see great opportunities internationally in markets that we just haven't really had a big presence in the past. And hopefully the international fans can return next year. One thing that we've mentioned several times and I feel like we're dancing around it. A lot is.

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