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Of the but the port a Johns that exists now in around these major races there were there were a handful in Hopkinton and as the race started to grow it was putting pressure on the local community so the board of selectmen appointed a committee I walked into the meeting guys like Tom brown part of the brown family said you know somebody on a chair this group and he looks to me said here's a new guy in town I was there's a new guy in town let him do it so we we built that that marathon committee but in nineteen eighty two historians will remember that the VA was almost lost to an attorney was almost sold quite frankly that monster that launched protracted a set of legal activities then will call the was not reelected as president would be a and I was asked to get it to participate I'm a be a management committee the team that put the committee to put on the marathon and ended up being the race director for a couple years turn off during a rather turbulent time final experience learned a lot some of those relationships that were created then still exist and I mention Ambien bill Rogers and people like that who have had the privilege to the long standing relationships now so we got through that the race was stabilized because it almost went under well stabilized and then Hancock moved in and you have the sort of the new era but the privilege of being involved in that transition what's up I mean something obviously I'll never forget thank god thank goodness it it did not go under thank thank goodness yeah in it it was it was it was at rest when when the when the but that was almost sold and I use that word you know what in the in the broadest sense it almost was it would have been hello the the entity would have been held essentially privately that would change the whole dynamic of the race and they're a bit and is you know this this this Boston Marathon ages this despite a lot of other external pressures and I think that's the most phenomenal part of the of the Boston Marathon yes it's history yes of course is run it's it's run on but also the the how it's survived the trauma this over the years of this certain things beyond their control war war that sort of thing and of course the bombing a few years ago and this is buried in the in the eighties when when the race was in jeopardy that's to me that the the untold story but that's the real backbone of the that yeah absolutely and and so the the twenty six point two foundation he you know the foundation has installed statues okay all in Hopkinson around Hopkins and how many statues have you installed we've got four in this all started in conjunction with a hundred anniversary of the Boston Marathon obviously we had some makes I've had some experience with a BA in were well aware of of the historic nature the hundred year anniversary and with the support of the BA in the real strong endorsement of support from Hopkinton selectmen we created what was then the Hopkinton athletic association we did a lot of local programming but we very very quickly a few years later would be and understand that this association had a more global potential it was bigger than that just popped intent we changed our name we reorganized the board would change the names of twenty six point two foundation and begin to do some S. outrage we have a very close working relationships with several marathon the marine corps marathon is one the Athens marathon Clinton has a sister city relationship with Merrill Lynch most importantly we had a we we we had we developed a vision and that vision to create an international marathon center and that international marathon center would be yes the museum yes hall of fame but more importantly a focal point for global merit signing in also the programs around education in the education part is very very expensive indignant the possibilities are go beyond running obviously into fitness there is a nutrition and then the historical value of the race in historical nature of the sport of americana I don't think I don't think many people really understand that it didn't really have the border the the the spiritual brother napping goes back the four ninety BC in the battle of marathon in and was what then introduced as long distance race was introduced in the first modern Olympics eighteen ninety six to nineteen ninety seven to be a brother divorce Boston so this entity this international marathon center is is let's get serious potential really has the potential of creating a global network using the marathon as a base hi yeah that's awesome that's awesome I and I think I think you're right I think that yeah not enough people know know all about the history and everything and it's so important to to share that and yeah that's awesome so where can the working people learn more about the Bobbi give up projects and and help out with fundraising well you know the I'm happy to say the fundraising part is we we're we're pretty close to declaring victory in the end clothing closing that portion of the project dot I'm very proud of that.

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