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Is a former president is charged with one article of impeachment incitement of insurrection. His attorneys will argue the words he used a rally before the attack were only figures of speech. Those arguments begin tomorrow, though today is reserved for four hours of arguments and a vote on whether the trial is constitutional. The White House meantime, just holding it's latest Cove, it briefing Fox is Tony Jay. Power says this live when I said the Biden administration's pandemic response team says more covert 19 vaccine doses are on the way. White House Covert 19 response corner, Jeff Science announced more allocations You will increase weekly vaccine doses going to states, tribes and territories to 11 million. That is a total of 28% increase in vaccines fly. Across the first three weeks. He also said that starting next week, a program to directly send a million vaccine doses to 250 community health centers and underserved areas will begin. Lisa Tony just getting word of a shooting at a clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, with at least five victims reported also a report. The shooter is in custody. America is listening to Fox News. News radio K O b. J I'm Patrick Osborn. This news is brought you by accurately. Com hospital admissions across the Austin area have been falling, and the most recent model out of UT shows that trend continuing into March. The model gives only a 6% probability The pandemic is still growing locally. Over the past 14 days, the area's seen 29% fewer infections. And Travis County Health Authority Marquess got as of today has recommended moving us down into stage for restrictions. Thousands of people around Austin are now due for a second dose of vaccine. Austin Public Health is dealing with a delay from the state in the shipment this week, but will still be getting 12,000 doses and S. Scott says Even one shot of the modern A vaccine is more than 80% effective folks who are waiting past 28 days to get their second shot. Their immunity is still building based upon this data, and that supplies remain too thin to vaccinate. Everyone s got has reiterated that getting a second dose beyond the 28 day window will still provide you with the expected immunity to that virus. Hoping to hold on to his many teachers and staff as possible. Austin Superintendent Stephania was all day is proposing $1000 retention bonuses for all full time employees earning up to $150,000 part time employees would get $500 bonuses in the school board will talk about that at Thursday's meeting, and debate is heating up across the nation over the proposed $15 an hour federal minimum wage. TJ Finn, with the master of Business Owners Association, agrees that change is needed, but she says it shouldn't come while coronavirus wreaks havoc on the economy in the middle of the pandemic. I mean, that just put common sense right out the door because these businesses are struggling just to keep their doors open. At this point. There's also a real concern about what this will do to the price of goods, since the.

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