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Shooting outside of Miami banquet hall. Police are still looking for the three suspects seen on surveillance video. Getting out of it SUV before firing into a crowd. Police believe the shooting was likely part of a feud between rival groups and was targeted but still don't have a motive. You all killed my kid. Latent Dillard seniors 26 year old son, Clayton Dillard. The third died in the shooting the heartbroken father interrupting a news conference demanding justice and say bc's victor of kendo. The suspect vehicle was later found in a canal. But there were no suspects inside close police investigating a possible hit and run crash that left a man in critical condition last night. Male victim was found just before 10 P.m. in the area of East Livingstone Avenue and Vernon Road that may I was taken to Grant Medical center with life threatening injuries. One person's dead another in the hospital following a shooting Monday night on the city's north side. Least responded to the call near six Big Avenue just after 10 p.m.. They found two victims. One died at the scene. The other victim was taken to Grant Medical Center in stable condition. Officials did not release him falling the victimsidentities or possible suspects. President Biden heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma today to commemorate the 1/100 anniversary of what's remembered as he blackball Street massacre president will visit the Greenwood neighborhood and delivery marks on this centennial, the massacre that left hundreds of black residents dead. White House principal Deputy Press secretary Karine Jean Pierre Well there he will meet with surviving members of the community now between the ages of 107 to 101 207 more than 1000 homes, churches and businesses were destroyed when white mobs descended on the Greenwood district on June 1st 1921. Rachel Sutherland. Fox News Minority Farmers starting to receive federal loan forgiveness State as part of President Biden's American rescue plan, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller suing because he feels the program discriminates against white people. This is discriminatory. Obviously unconstitutional. We've got 100% of the pandemic A for farmers. 100% of it going to last and 2% of the farmers. Miller's lawsuits back by America First Legal, which is a group founded by former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller, Kings island issuing code of conduct cards two guests after recent fights at the amusement park. They were handed out last week. The same day. Six people were charged related to fights in the parking lot cards still guess they could get kicked out for fighting, harassing other guests, line jumping and more. There will also be an increase in security at the park to deal with fights. Radio 16 w TV END sports Busy Baseball day yesterday, Indian split a double letter with the first place White Sox losing the opener. But winning the nightcap thanks to Jose Ramirez. Homer, Shane Bieber on the mound for Game three of that big Syria's tonight. Reds wallet Philadelphia 11 1 Dick Castiel is extending his hitting streak to 17 games. Clippers try to stab a seven game losing streak when they visit Indianapolis Tonight. Memorial Tournament week continues. Most of the field arrives for practice rounds today, and tennis star Naomi Osaka withdraws from the French Open after being threatened with disqualification for skipping media obligations from the central Ohio $100 sports test Matt McCoy, whose radios extend Wtvr Makes will be mostly cloudy today with high of 79 this afternoon mostly clear now and 56. This we say big money with our progressive home and auto bundle and used the cash to take a family vacation. Lucky who's up for a luau dishes? Note of real testimonial? Sure, customers conceive big money with progressive but not enough to go to Hawaii. They'll probably use it for things like the mortgage and groceries or even a travel magazine. So at least they can see pictures of Hawaii. Yeah. Say hello to those beautiful Hawaiian beaches in that magazine progressive views of the insurance.

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