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Welcome to the podcast number ten twenty six come on down to irvine california november fifteen eighteen and then at the beginning of december to the tacoma comedy club in tacoma washington and then i'm setting up a bunch of tour dates for next year so i'll post those soon and rick and morty flair and that's also what dot com but let's talk about you the icty tinti community events at ivytech dot com is what you would do if you wanted to share your thing with us like will who writes my brother-in-law elijah and i've made a podcast called bring on the weird we talked conspiracy theories with a smattering of true crime and generally weird stuff in the world we made correlations between stuff that have no business being correlated together or do they we have ten plus episodes search for bring on the weird we'll get you to us but the easiest way to find us as invest way to listen to go to anchor dot FM slash bring on the weird this episode is mr mr matthew modine who has been in some allege dairy films and had all new swath of stuff come about thanks to stranger things which he was fantastic in as well and just an all around in well rounded super cool guy learned a lot about him and his family backgrounds really interesting too so it was a tremendous pleasure to talk to matthew modine for about an hour he's promoting the new film virginia which is in theaters VOD and digital on october eighteenth which is the day this posting so go see it in the theater if you can and he'll explain why that's important later in the in the podcast but thank you so much for listening this is ID number ten twenty six with matthew modine initiated protocol i was reading about your great grandfather and that is a fascinating story.

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