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Powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red 9 15 and van raby for those of us who are Marilyn fans 2002 seems like a long time ago Yeah and a reminder of that today as the 2002 national champion Maryland terrapins brighter days you might say will be celebrated today the reunion the celebration for that team as they will be reunited and fitted before today's Maryland game against number 22 Ohio State and with the reunion of the 2002 team coming up this afternoon spoke to Johnny holiday longtime radio voice of the terrapins and recalling part of what made that O2 championship team so special I think they'd been battle tested because of Gary Williams and just what he meant and the way he just approached every single game that fellas we have this chip on our shoulder We will not be denied and to be able to put all that stuff together was absolutely a memory that I will never forget and I know every Maryland basketball fan will never forget it either And one of the great things about that team they were battle tested They had built together they had been trending in that direction for years They were a program We don't see that anymore in college basketball They were loaded with upperclassmen the likes of Juan Dixon Steve Blake Lonnie Baxter among others upperclassmen junior seniors held lead that team to the promised land in 2002 And again being celebrated today as Maryland takes on Ohio State ahead of that game today at 4 o'clock in college park elsewhere locally this afternoon George Mason taking on George Washington in Atlantic ten play And raby WTO sports And you can talk about that in 2002 team all day.

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