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Yeah i thought that was a really interesting quote that he gave you about guys having a book on him now just knowing what is going to do so i don't know how much of a concern that is on. The logan web was really good. Today it's kind of an logan web and then a bunch of question marks recently which is crazy because guzman's an all star but yeah guzman's split finger doesn't have the action. He he's used to and guys are laying off at anyway so he has to hit the corners with it Which is not doing quite as well. And he's still. He's not kind of getting that late movement that he's used to on it so yeah he's a little bit of a concern. He's so good even with you know. He's essentially a to pitch pitcher sometimes even as a one pitch pitcher. He's still been effective. That's how good he is but Yeah it's not The starting pitching carried them for a long time. And right now. I would say that's the one biggest area of concern but You know the fact that they are not manufacturing runs and they are stranding runners. These are the sort of things that we've seen in oakland for a long time can hurt a team. Big time in september and certainly in a short playoff series over relying on the home room. When you're not hitting them keep telling me like what are you talking about over reliance. i love this runs. That's great like this. I don't know. I don't know if the.

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