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Loss wages by the denison here on the rich eisen show reverie those who have not caught it yet what do you like about it what should what should people watch reverie for on nbc sir reverie you know because we're we're going there that's that's going to be a reality very soon you know you got the hero ray got the glasses and virtual reality virtual reality glasses and the first person you know shooter things and you can get lost in that now imagine when they put you know chip in you and you can just reappear in a space like this and this is probably one of the best spaces i've ever been in thank you dennis appreciate that and the putting green gosh having your you know have to come back maybe season i mean not episode five you got guys an update just pop back in virtual reality world but the unintended consequence of getting into this virtual reality world is you're getting stuck people getting stuck because they don't wanna come out they rather be in the vr world than the real world and and i think that's going to be a problem in the future ten pm eastern every wednesday night with you in it and like i said you're welcome back anytime we want man it's always fun having you here up always fun being it seems like every time you hear the warriors win it all so i'm sure you wanna come back anytime could help good to see a dentist hey at dennis hayes bird on twitter as well we're back in sixty seconds taking your phone calls wwe network is an online video streaming service where you can stream every wwe pay per view live you can watch more than ten thousand hours of video on demand get a look behind the scenes with wwe's groundbreaking original series and documentaries and you can access this ww econtent anywhere anytime and on any device including game consoles tv's phones tablets and computers and now through june eighteenth new subscribers get a two month free trial when they sign up for wwe network at wwe network dot com slash rich and now through june eighteenth subscribers get a twomonth retrial when they sign up for wwe network.

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