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More cells in travis espn l a gotta give away marcellus we got some pairs of tickets to give away right now you can join l a f c for their first international friendly at bank of california stadium that's coming up in just a few days may twenty second right now we're looking for callers number seven and number ten to in two tickets to the game call right now eight seven seven seven ten espn eight seven seven seven ten three seven seven six to c l afc versus borussia dortmund borussia dortmund bo russia dortmund russia but russia russia dortmund who's clock on may twenty second there the purple cobras rish the name is borussia pheru risheh dortmund yes again it's called a friendly friendly yes we're in is that a country that sounds like he should or rish larissa's sounds like russia jason but dortmund sounds german yeah yeah i don't see black german orissa barron it going to seek you got dot com to purchase your game tickets and listen all day today and she went to law thursday the game as well it's a german sports club here you go see i should be like a damn what is it not a cartographer that's maps who a geographer because you were thinking about how he angles say geography yeah i made it harder than what i got wow who doesn't know where borussia dortmund is is a friendly me count well they're going to be here at bank account for you stadium on may twenty seconds well what the what's the freely means a game where they played it doesn't count scrimmage yeah after we already started real game.

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