Pioneer Freedom Foundation, San Francisco, Richard Rhodes discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Technology would not be what it is today I'm faith and this is our American stories great job on that faith and what a story my goodness it wasn't the money she ever wanted but getting that recognition by the pioneer freedom foundation in San Francisco a big deal to her as it was to live at the turn of the century another life's goal and again the book by Richard Rhodes is called Eddie's folly the wife and breakthrough inventions of Hedy lamarr the most beautiful woman in the world a grateful woman grateful for the country that adopted her and saved her from the ravages of Nazism a little more story here on our American story hi hi where the producers producers our American stories find our American network and we would like to hear your story if you or someone you know has an interesting story that you would like to share with America simply email us a picture and a paragraph the picture and a paragraph to your story our American network dot org just a picture yep that's all you need did you or someone you know served in the military tell us about send a picture in a paragraph to your story at our American network password did you or someone you know that's something dramatic happens we want to know about it in a picture of yourself in a paragraph describing something that happened in your life you would like to share with America and the rest of the world has someone ever done something for you to change your life share with us share it with us share with us we're just having a bad day we want to hear about and we want to hear about share your story with us on our American storage your story is important to us and our listeners to share your story email us a picture of her your.

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