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That's still got a few more questions. Don't leave yet. Okay. Jesus. So bad. Come on, guys. Yeah. Chucky. Yeah, Chucky. I don't even knew. No. It's like bringing in Jason or fray. I know. At least they're scary. Monkey's not scary, even as a kid. It's a doll's fucking punt them across a room. He's done with it already. Right. Devin's parent pushed fire a guy liked it as a kid. I thought they were funny, but yeah. Devin's spare and push fire Barry recapping raw, recapping NXT, recapping impact. I might push impact 'cause I don't even know. Maybe it's good. We'll be surprised. I mean, there's a woohoo there? Yeah. Our boy, cordona. Now the inspirations there. Let's go. Herb if you can go back in time knowing that the product was going to continue to decline. But didn't know how successful the podcast would become, would you still start the podcast? That's a good question. I don't know. If I can't say. Yeah, but it's one of those things where we do better. Yeah. Jason dear him is Charlotte's bleeding from the mouth or nose and just about every match at tribute to Ric Flair and his crimson mask may be. She gets busted open a lot a lot. All right, that's all for fan questions. So, oh fuck, wait, we gotta do fucking predictions for Saudi mania. Oh man, I almost ended the show. Wow. Wow. What's ready to grab? 9 matches. A WrestleMania caliber, not really card. That's all WrestleMania has sucked 30 batches. All right, first up, we have the match that would only happen in Saudi Arabia. If I don't see this sheet before this podcast goes public, Eric is out. Who has this title? Me. All right, it's me. I'm Andy two belts. All right. The match that will only happen in Saudi Arabia. Mansoor versus Mustafa Ali. In a -10,000 winning odds, I'll go with mansoor. We should check these websites and see how much men source favors. He was minus a thousand. You probably couldn't even landslide in a match that, you know what I mean? And so over the pen, pin, an interference? Nah. Yeah. No holds barred, Goldberg versus Lashley. I picked Goldberg. Yes. Lashley, -300. Really? And I still pick Goldberg. -300. That's huge. How could that be? How could that possibly be? -300. They knew more when the show was taped. When the show was taped, they fucking knew everything. Well, of course they did. Yeah. They've seen it. Yeah, Goldberg with a pen, pin. Over under four minutes. Their last match went 7 and a half. But let's say four O three. So over over. I'm going over. I got four or 5. How many people interfere? One. Who? I'm sorry. I have two. I have Benjamin and Shelton. I mean, Benjamin and Shelton Shelton. Just to get them involved in the stupid method. Or maybe. Does tort get involved? Yeah, a 100%. Really? 100%. He's got to be in school. He's got school. This is during the day. He's going to go work really that dumb of a parent. He knows he could be murdered, held hostage on the plane. Yeah. I was like the thing Goldberg's better father than that. They're like this. Goldberg, we want your son to come. Sorry, that's too much. They go. What's that doing? One torque, son. We want tours on what's that outside. He's like, dad, it's a truck full of gold backing into our driveway. You're going to Saudi. Bring me tour. I got to make that shirt. Oh my God, bring me torque. What is this real name? I don't know. Gage. What do you mean? Yeah, it's dark. That was the best thing Eric's ever done. Yeah. I want to sell edge versus Seth Rollins. Edge. Edge with a pen, pin. Do they fight on the top? I was gonna say no, but then I changed to you. Yeah, they have to. They're both capable. Who falls off the side, Seth? Yeah. You could pick no one. You could pick both. You know? I got Seth. Yeah. I think there's a chance they both do it, maybe. Like when Seth and dean both fell off the side and went through the tables. And my back. I don't think it gives a fuck. Who falls off the top? NA, no one. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think so. But someday someone else is gonna do it. I know. You've only had two men do it. Mankind and Shane, someday someone's gonna surprise us. Fair enough fucking doing it. Vince fell off the side. What was your case? No. You know what? She was off the top. But he didn't fall as far as everyone else. Yeah. You know, it's all that raised thing that they had there. There was like a truck with sand or some shit. Or dirt. Yeah, yeah. Sell on something like that. But again, that also wasn't when the cell was as high as what it fucking wasn't Shane did it. Right. It was fucking nuts. How many people interfere? I have zero here. Zero, yeah. Queen's crown finals, zelina Vega versus do drop. I'd love to put Selena. Yeah. But I just don't think they give her that push. I don't either. I think they've been pushed and do drop more. Yeah, I think so. I mean, she beat Shayna. Like if you're gonna have Vega, just have Vega beat Shayna. It's a bigger moment for Vega. Well, yeah, like have dewdrop in Shayna in the finals. Yeah. Because we all would have picked Shana. If that was the finals, be like, I'll show you, you know, obviously. Pin submission other pin pin over under four minutes because all of these have been under pretty much under. Might be under three minutes. Yeah. Maybe two fors a lot. Maybe 30 seconds? Yeah. How many people interfere? I put zero. It's a quick match. Yeah, zero. The fans throw something at them. Oh yeah. Yeah, you put yes? Yeah. I'll see something. It's happened. Yeah. I'm gonna put no this is legal, but yeah. It's legal. It is legal. We can't. It's literally in our laws. King of the ring finals, Xavier Woods versus Finn Balor. Once again, I would love to put Woods here. But instead of my heart, I'd like to have a title again, so I put valor. Do it. Do it. I did it. Really? I thought he had no chance clean. Well, I guess. Maybe it'll turn heel, but no, I mean. That's not the question. No. Yeah, I have Woods with a pin. Okay, I have pin. How many people interfere? I was like this Kofi? No. I don't think so. No, zero, zero. And does wood's turn heel? I put no in your scenario? No. Yeah. That'd be cool. I mean, so here's the thing. They're doing two of these tournaments wherever the king and the queen, the queen will be oh, it's Vega or do you drop? They're both drafted to raw. So whoever wins the queen will be on raw. If Balor wins the king will also be on raw and I have a feeling that like USA's like, well, we want one of them. We want a king or a queen. I don't think he'll split them up, but they've been doing stupid shit like that lately. Yes. So that's why I hope you're right. Would you be a much better king? I've been picking up my heart lately. Thus, I have no gold. Right. So I'm trying to think how king I don't know. What would suck? That's why I don't know like Balor, like I agree with all of that, but yeah, it's Balor. Raw tag team titles are cabro versus A.J. Styles and omas. Yeah, I don't see styles in almost taking these. Of course not. RK bro. I've got Orton pinning styles, of course. Always happens. Yeah. How many people interfere? Zero, zero. If it's just you and I, we're almost identical. It'll come down to Woods or battles so far. Yeah. SmackDown women's championship, Becky versus Sasha versus Bianca. I'll take backs. Big time becks for the win with a pin. Pins Sasha. Okay, I've got her pinning Bel Air. Oh, there you go. An interference. The figure, that's why they gave Sasha the winds that you can pin her back. Okay..

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