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The victory is a big one. While drivers stretches his winning streak to three on a day with three digit temperatures. Brad Keselowski survived. Not only the heat but three restarts. In the final. Eighteen laps to win his third straight race. It's also his third win at Las Vegas this race. Also carried extra significance as the first race of nascar's playoffs and the five hundred hundred across all motorsports for Team Penske. And that really. Special for Kozlowski what a special day for five hundred wins for Penske three in a row here. I went in the playoffs. There's too many storylines for me to get it. All right here, but we're very thankful in very proper albums. Kyle Larson finished second Martin directs junior was third Brett McMillan Las Vegas. Publicity stunt or not you be the judge, but a very public scuffle between actor Tom Arnold and the apprentice producer Mark Burnett has led to an exchange on social media Arnold three. Did that Burnett Showtime at a pre Emmys party Sunday in Los Angeles, brunettes wife, actress, Roma Downey tweeted that Arnold tried to ambush the couple and she posted a photo of what she says, it's her bruised hand. Arnold lawyer Marty singer told the Hollywood reporter that Burnett attacked Arnold. Actress Allison Hannigan was there and tweeted that she saw the whole thing and thought it was a joke until security jumped in police say no report was taken Arnold has a new show. Debuting Tuesday called the hunt for the Trump tapes in fouls. Arnold attempts to find tapes that show the president expressing bigoted views on the set of the apprentice, which Arnold was once a contestant on Burnett produces. Needles in strawberries, all over Australia have forced the fruit to be pulled from grocery store. Shelves and future. Orders have been put on hold health minister. Greg hunt says needles have been found in all six Australian states and the police are leading the investigation. We have all side tasks the federal agency to investigate whether they're out supply chain weaknesses with their actions that we can take to assist the police whether there are systemic changes, which are required. Western Australian state strawberry. Growers associations pulled Silva says it's consumer terrorism and a nightmare for the industry. W industry has dumped over twenty thousand kilos effort. And that's basically from cancellation of orders and lack of demand to sabotage strawberries scare is now stretch to Western Australia where a needle was found in a Barry over the weekend. And in New Zealand both of its major food distributors. Have pulled us trillion varies from stores growers are now using metal detectors hopes of restoring confidence and say the needles aren't coming from the farms so far there have been no injuries. As a result of the needles in the berries. Hi. I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast ground game. I look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one. While you're there, be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground game. AP.

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