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But it seems like there's a lot of misunderstanding about what the city guidelines were. But you know if you try to tell with everything that's been constructed on here, it's definitely a more residential area now who's they tried to get the attention of anyone inside the building, and no one came to the door in times like these when restaurants and bars are closing their doors at in the alarming rate. Goat has been able to survive the pandemic. But it is taking a hit being forced to close at two in the afternoon, and I would just hope that you know local state federal governments can have about businesses. That kind of can't weather this storm. Um, well, because people can't come in and spend their money. So I think you know the government's kind of got to step up and help businesses out so that they don't go under and what may be key in getting those hopes, dreams and plans back on track. Most importantly, we need to pass a coronavirus relief package. I've been hearing for months from Hoosiers about the importance of getting this done. Senator Todd Young says he believes Congress will be able to pass a relief bill that has money for people and businesses. The most likely candidate is one that will cost just under a trillion dollars expensive and in it. Efficient but doable, Say some lawmakers. It may be one of the last actions of Congresswoman Susan Brooks if they could get it past giving her final speech on the House floor. I know we must do better in the future. When the next novel virus or biological unforeseen event occurs, Americans will expect more from this institution. New Paid holidays were Indianapolis shitting employees Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day and Juneteenth on June 19th. The city says that reflects their values of diversity and inclusivity. The Indiana University football team has stopped all team related activities for the time being, The reason an increase of Corona virus within the program. I'm John Herrick. The team did not practice Tuesday morning, All players in Tier one coaches and staff were tested. The produce football team also decided not to practice Tuesday. They are evaluating Corona virus test results Are you and Purdue were supposed to play each other Saturday and the old Oaken bucket game? Sean Herrick, 93 Wi VC Mobile news..

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