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North Freeway there I 35 w they've got the text breast lanes completely blocked off there because of the ice sport is sponsored by mattress firm one. WB AP First Traffic on the ones I'm money could Already be AP Weatherford, Texas Farm Bureau Mutual insurance. Well, how makes people happy and that's worth an awful lot to me. Okay, I'm not gonna make you very happy and, well, Sun's up that helps a little bit mostly cloudy and cold. Did a 22 wind shifting southeast and then we have snow moving in, possibly mixed with sleet and freezing rain. If we're lucky, we're going to get the snow and Waco may be unlucky and get a lot of ice. It's good. It's gonna be a borderline thing overnight with a low of 19, and then it changes over to all snow tomorrow. The high of 25. We think maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow, and we hope that we'll miss the ice up here, but it's gonna be close 25 tomorrow 18 tomorrow night Thursday 27 for the high Friday 33. Then we're into the forties and up Saturday and Sunday. Okay, temperatures around the area. See McKinney is minus one. Denton Woz minus six earlier this morning. DFW was one below zero and here w B A P. It is four above When severe weather hits D F W M extremely cold. Arctic air is gonna start making move on Texas, but we haven't seen the problems three decades depend on meteorologist Brad Barton. I think we're going to see one if not possibly two significant snowfall and the award winning Wbtv news team to keep you informed responders in Fort Worth or dealing with the horrific accident bombing as many as 100 cars and save a mess out there. Here's some freeway close friend on your severe weather station. New stockade 20 w V A D w b a P calm Well, if you have drafty windows, and you will sure find out about it in this kind of weather. If you have drafty windows now is the time to get him replaced Brad Martin for clarity, windows and doors. Replacing your windows is one of the few home improvements that will give you the gift. Of curb appeal and lower energy bills. Clarity windows have been locally owned for almost two decades, voted as the consumer's choice for the best window and door company in D FW. You can feel confident with free in home design consultations. No high pressure sales have such a great variety of windows that were really spruce up the appeal of your home but also Tell you what. There. You'll sure know if you have cheap windows in this kind of weather. If you decide to do only a few windows at a time, clarity will protect your price with a preferred customer program. So say goodbye to drafty windows. And in February, when you buy one window you get the next one at 40% office. Well, is 20% off doors. That's pretty important as well. In addition to that they have zero interest payment plans available. Bring clarity to your home. Here is the number one triple. 8458 36 30. That's one triple 8458 36 30 years. Scheduling online visit at clarity windows dot com. Worried about storm or pest damage to your valuable trees as your lawn seen better days. The experts of preservation tree services provide skilled tree pruning soil, aeration and fertilization programs to rejuvenate damaged or stress trees and lawns, Trees and lan suffering from compact it. Soil, storm damage or pests and diseases benefit from their.

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