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About twenty acres in Beaumont it was reported shortly after nine thirty AM west off of highway seventy nine firefighters on the ground in a water dropping helicopters help put out the fire in about an hour we're gonna talk weather and give you an update on that to fifteen commute next automatically due to the fed's recent rate cut interactive mortgage we have slashed our fifteen year fixed rate to a rock bottom two point seven five percent rate and APR if that's not enough you directed mortgage will also pay your title escrow appraisal and recording fees that's right a ridiculously low two point eight seven five percent rate and APR and we pay the lender fees with the interactive mortgage streamline refinance process we can find your new loan in less than twenty days get the best rate possible when you're ready to close in the rate drops we give you a lower rate you can't lose call interactive mortgage today and take advantage of our rock bottom two point seven five percent rate and APR lender paid fees streamline closing process and rate drop protection call interactive mortgage today at eight four four three eight one cash that's eight four four three eight one cash eight four four three eight one two two seven four closing under terms and conditions apply although some people and reading for the not all applicants will qualify pursuant to tell financing a license for six oh three eight nine three eight and a less of a three zero two three by two parents know kids lives can be tough having to eat vegetables no drawing on walls showering every day tons of homework plus they have to deal with that dealt they don't have it easy but the good thing is kids can always count on milk to help them through the day got milk from the Barnes for mother center partly cloudy tonight with some patchy fog lows in the sixties for the beaches Orange County metro lay the valleys and I. E. so cal weather is brought to you by the California milk producers advisory board from the southern California to go to dealers traffic center we make it easy we're gonna go to the two fifteen we are seeing some mild problems along the two fifteen right now due to the police activity that Tessa mentioned.

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