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Yeah. I think you have to look at it in the larger context of the Time Warner acquisition, and what kind of been going on with that company for the last few months before film struck with shutdown Warner media also shut down another service that they owned called drama fever that was incredibly popular for accessing all the popular Korean dramas and other international content. That was shut down a week or so later films struck with shutdown Warner media has also shut down its digital video arm was called super deluxe. They were making like experimental Facebook interactive shows, and and short-form YouTube series, and that type of thing all three of those businesses were shut down in quick succession. And I think you're right that a lot of studies that have have looked at streaming services over the last two years have have found that most people are gonna subscri-. About three or four services. You're going to have your net. Netflix then maybe your Amazon or your Hulu, and then you've got room for one or two others. And Warner media has said that they're going to launch a streaming service in the twenty nineteen and my expectation, although they're not saying yet, what kind of content will be honest service. My expectation is that we will see some of the film struck catalog drama Tibor content potentially pop up in in that service in a bundled. Offering that is a better price point for consumers, and that makes more sense for for Warner media. It makes sense that the this is like you said people aren't going to aren't gonna subscribe for more than maybe four services and a little thing like film struck. I don't think it's going to go with. I think film struck will return in some form that catalog probably from somewhere else inside Warner media, but far too beloved to go entirely, I think and that criterion collection that they had access to is incredibly important to film scholars and people who love movies. So I'm sure that people will be able to continue to get that content in some way, venture -ly just won't be through film struck. I was talking to somebody about how there's a lot of older content that used to sort of fluff up the catalog at Netflix, Amazon that doesn't have a lot of value because everybody is paying for new content. And that's that's another piece not just old movies, but old TV shows where. I feel like in the end they will find a home because there is a niche there that will be served by having them. But who knows I feel like we have to get there. And right now, we're in the race of new content. And and that that catalog is very important. I mean, Netflix, obviously doesn't share a lot about viewership. But you've got to believe that friends is one of the hopless straightened shows on Netflix. I mean, just anecdotally that number of people who either rewatch the whole series the United that in the last year or young people who discover my daughter is seventeen and she watched all of the friends episodes. So so that is incredibly valuable content to a Netflix or a Hulu or Amazon. What's interesting is that friends is Warner Brothers. So most likely streaming service Warner media launchers and the next year will have friends. So I think part of what we're seeing with the the content the original content arms race is that Netflix sauve the writing on the wall a few years ago that. Eventually they would lose access to the these catalogs Disney's already pulled its catalogue..

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