Robert Muller, President Trump, Andrea Octavio Cossio discussed on Larry Elder


Counsel Robert Muller who was put in place to look into this issue of a Russian influence Russian involvement in the twenty sixteen presidential campaign, any potential ties between the Trump campaign and the Russians in two sixteen in now you've got this plea agreement featuring the main was running for a time the Trump campaign is that something the White House should be alarmed about. Right. Well, of course, they should be. There's nothing that he can testify to that would probably lend way to impeachment because he didn't really have close contact with President Trump while he was president. But he did have contact during the campaign tough question. Whether or not. Alleged crimes committed to get somebody elected president is an impeachable offense. And now, we don't know the answer to that. And perhaps he can give them information prior about his business daily. Remember, he's not a credible witness. He's pleaded guilty to obstruction of Justice lying changed the story repeatedly. But what they're looking for is self corroborating information that can be used against Trump. Look this validates were judge Ellis said on day. One jealous said they're not interested so much in Manafort for Mana for obviously he's committed crimes, but they're interested in primarily to see if they can. And this is him talking very jealous if they can make him sing. And then there's also the possibility of him composing. I'm curious now, Andrea Octavio Cossio or Cortes couldn't really tell us how she's gonna pay for her forty trillion dollars.

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