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And cover up at the Texas capital. Also, though, so much still unknown about covert 19. This much is certain The impact of the pandemic has been severe for mothers and moms to be Our own Alexandra Heart reports. Also, Dr Fred Campbell takes on more of your Kobe 19 questions and new research showing major racial disparities for younger Texans fighting cancer. Those stories and more when the Texas Standard gets underway right after this. Live from NPR news on Korver Coleman President Biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress tonight. NPR's Cory Turner says bye and is expected to promote his American families plan calling for a massive investment in Children and their education. Call with reporters, Senior administration officials laid out a handful of proposals so ambitious and expensive that in previous years any one of them would have turned heads. For example, the plan calls for $225 billion to help low and middle income families pay for childcare for the nation's three and four year olds. The plan calls for a $200 billion investment to help provide free Universal preschool and at the other end of the learning curve. The plan calls for two years of free community College for all Americans, as well as a big bump in the Pell Grant award, which low income students can use to pay for college. Cory Turner. NPR News Police in Northern California have released body cam video of an arrest. A man died after being pinned to the ground for more than five minutes after scuffling with officers. It happened last week at a park in Alameda after police responded to a call about someone being drunk or disoriented. NPR's Jacqueline Diaz says the man who died was identified as 26 year old Mario consolidates. The video shows police attempting to handcuff Gonzales several minutes after first arriving on scene Officers struggled to restrain him. Eventually they get him face down on the ground, using arms and knees to keep him down. Gonzalez can be heard yelling. I didn't do anything wrong at times as you lays there. Five minutes later, Gonzalez suddenly goes quiet and his unresponsive police can be seen rolling him over and performing CPR. Gonzalez was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Involves his family has accused Alameda police of using excessive force and murder. The cause of his death is still under investigation, as are the events leading up to his death. Jacqueline Dia's NPR News. India's total death toll from Covert 19 has crossed the 200,000 mark Today. NPR's Lauren Frayer reports from them by the country is also setting world records for daily infections. India today confirmed more than 360,000 new infections, but the real number maybe many times that. Test kids have run out in many areas, so his medical oxygen India also confirmed nearly 3300 deaths. Today. It's the first time that daily toll has crossed the 3000 mark, even though that, too is likely an undercount. NPR's Lauren Frayer reporting In the U. S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who have been vaccinated against Cove in 19 don't need to wear masks outdoors unless they're in crowded areas, The CDC says. That includes places such a shopping malls or houses of worship that air filled On Wall Street. The Dow was down about 100 points at 33,083. This is NPR news. European lawmakers have approved the final ratification of a trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The UK pulled out of the EU, a trading bloc in the process called Brexit. Deal has already been ratified by lawmakers in the UK President of Somalia is seemingly walking back his effort to extend his term for two years. NPR's later Peralta reports. His decision was met with popular protests and an armed confrontation from the opposition, with fighters loyal to the opposition, forcefully taking control of parts of the capital. Mogadishu. President Mohamed Abdullahi Formaggio came on national TV late last night. 100 tonight. He said he is still committed to implementing timely and peaceful elections in Somalia, and he called on the opposition to begin negotiating on what those elections would look like. Last year's Somalia was supposed to have its first elections with universal suffrage since the late sixties. Instead, they were delayed in the opposition now accuses president from a Joe of turning into a dictator. No. Even the capital is under siege. It's one of the few places the federal government once maintained, full control it a Peralta NPR NEWS Nairobi The State Department is reducing the number of staffers who will work in the U. S embassy in Kabul. People who can complete work outside the embassy will leave the Afghan capital. Agency says it's preparing for the time when U. S military forces will leave Afghanistan. President Biden has announced an unconditional withdrawal of U. S forces from Afghanistan. By September, 11th. Encore for Coleman. NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include wobbly committed to helping self employed workers and small businesses Get their P P P loans application determines eligibility. Maura W. O M p l y dot com slash NPR. Politics doesn't have to be a raging fire..

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