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Perhaps referees eleven judges are going to take up arms or encourages or started up about four little ball boys I got my my if you're already there liberals anyway somebody ought to say to this guy dude you're in the public high I can't tweet and that crap there you go that your news not Marshall Philip C. Armstrong you get a show the conscience of the nation got a haunted house here requires a forty page waiver it's so scary a Tennessee haunted house builders the scariest in the world I can come up with the scales for its in some small town in Syria that's how it holds very very fragile boy now requires of visitors to sign a forty page waiver pass a physical and undergo a background check and no one is ever finish to the haunted house made it all the way through despite there being a twenty thousand dollar prize for finish right I've I saw there they have a a trailer like it's a movie and it looks a horrifying it be incredibly physically rigorous you've got like flight what you have to provide proof of medical insurance before you go ahead do you first must watch a two hour video which features which gets you ready to go in I guess it might join in the navy seals all right you've got to understand precisely what you're getting into the video is a is particularly about other people who have quit during the course of it as a way to make you need to know what your your guess quit when you eventually get so frighten you have to quit you need under the phrase you really don't want to do this apparently to get out the tour can last up to eight hours and you can't fight back or run this can be an aggressive experience in our actors will come in contact with you you could not in any way return the contact well I don't know if that's fair if you can come on in Tegan will with your tail between your legs so in the dark somebody's going to come up out of nowhere and starts slapping me around and I right so many dressed as a gold choking you today and you can't resist right great maybe Joe Biden Lee but rapid change around this chain around your head TGO.

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